Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Jul 27, 2022

Kaimana 2022

He plunged the knife again and again in furious anger.

Although the training course specified that one stab would do the trick, he was nervous. It was his first time, and he wanted to do well, but he just got carried away. Moreover, it wasn't a knife big like a sword or a machete; it was a pocket knife. Finally, one of the team members saw him, and duck walked over to where he was and gently placed his hand over the blade. "You made your point," his voice was surprisingly supportive, given that all he did was bark and scream during the course. "He's dead. God will get him to hell; that's his job, not yours." The lieutenant commander tried to make out his face under all the black camouflage. "Kaimana, right?"

"Kaimana, sir, yes," the chief replied.

"Yeah, you need to stay calm and regulate your breathing because we need you for the big crescendo, remember?" The lieutenant locked eyes with his enlisted team member to ensure he understood.

"I remember," Kaimana nodded.

"Alright, we got a few more feet to cover, and we'll get to our objective; that's where you take over," the lieutenant went back to the front of the insert team and took point. There were a few more winding corridors to access. They moved slowly, not taking any chances, just like they rehearsed in the large airplane hangar in San Diego. In another twenty minutes, the passageway fanned into a sizeable circular meeting room illuminated by red lights. The terrorists they were sent to kill were seated at the large rectangular table. These men developed a strain of the coronavirus that attacked the part of the brain which affected every human being's ability to make rational decisions. It turned ordinary everyday people into raving maniacs. Their strains' experiments proved successful in their laboratories as they used the virus on homeless people and plucked them right off the streets. Then, to be sure, they kidnapped ordinary everyday persons from their homes and out of store parking lots to ensure that the strain was not a fluke. Nevertheless, the terrorists were a day away from spreading the strain to cities and larger metropolitan areas. The prediction was that the world would be brought to its knees in less than three days, with these men calling the shots. "Chief Kaimana to the point," it was the lieutenant on the com. Kaimana moved silently up to the point where the lieutenant patted him on the shoulder. "You're on."

Without hesitation, Kaimana removed his BDUs' and boots and walked toward the meeting table in full view of the terrorists, not even flinching as they went for their weapons. But, before their minds could comprehend what they saw, Kaimana had already morphed into something half shark and half human. Some terrorists attempted to inject their attacker with the virus, but the needles broke on his skin. In the aftermath, nothing left of the six men could render the remains identifiable as human. "Mission accomplished," the lieutenant squelched in. "Let's call in the clean-up team and go home."

Chief Petty Officer Daniel Kaimana made it as far as he did without having to deal with his alternate incarnation as a shark once. That is until boot camp, where everyone was required to take the swim test. All witnesses who saw recruit Kaimana change into a shark were debriefed by a group of stoic men in black suits. However, a bright spark in the government ranks realized they had something in their hands that they could utilize, and they did utilize it. 

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