Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Aug 31, 2022

Dodge 2022

The tiled floor of the old bank was layered with dust.

That's how long the building had been closed up. No trace of any human presence or otherwise except the little footprints headed downstairs to the vault. The three security guards stood at the top of the steps; each rung was covered with an even thicker layer of dust, with more little footprints heading to the bottom. Appearing almost out of the dark, a dodge ball from the old school days came bouncing up the stairs toward the three security guards, and before it could reach the top, it shot itself toward the guards and beaned them all one by one. The men scrambled out the front door, frantically got the keys, and engaged the lock. The whole term, the errant dodgeball kept hitting the glass of the front door entrance again and again. Once the lock clicked in and the front door was secure, the dodge ball fell to the tiled floor stationary and rolled back down the stairs to the basement. The three security guards limped back to the company van, bruised and bloody, trying to figure out how they would explain the circumstances surrounding their bruises, bloody noses, and blackened eyes. "It's a dodge ball," the one security guard said. "We didn't dodge it, so we got hit."

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