Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Aug 15, 2022

Rama 2022

We all waited with bated breath in the small, cramped back room of the old house in Papakōlea.

No one waited for this moment more than me. It was a little 7-year-old Hawaiian boy named Rama. His father liked the name of a movie character named Rama from an Indonesian film. So when his son was born, Rama became his name instead of a Hawaiian name. But unfortunately, Rama's father didn't know that Rama was the name of a Hindu deity of the famous Ramayana. Now, his son had become possessed, and getting to the bottom of why the possession took place became vexing for the parents and the priest, who was called to address the malevolent spirit which took hold of the boy and would not let him go. Rama's siblings stood outside the room door, praying and crying while his parents and the Kahu perspired with worry, fear, and exhaustion. 

"Nothing is working," the priest sighed. "I've done everything,"

"Not everything," I said.

"What else is there?" his voice carried a grit of bile.

"It's been established that this is a Hindu deity possessing him," I replied.

"And?" The priest countered.

"Maybe this requires a Hindu holy person?" I stood up and wiped the perspiration from my palms on my pant leg. The priest said nothing; by the expression on his face, it seemed as if he were considering the idea.

"The most important person in this room isn't you; it's that little boy," I stepped closer to him and spoke under my breath. "Are you going to do what's best for him or what's best for you?"

"Do you know someone?" He asked. "Perhaps I could still be present and assist somehow?"

I chuckled, "We're not closing a deal on a new car, father, but yes, I know someone. I'll get back to you," be continued

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