Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Aug 16, 2022

Rama2 2022

Frustrated, put out, and a bit insulted, the priest left.

I let out a deep sigh long enough to let little Rama's parents know that he wasn't possessed by a Hindu deity who was upset that such a sacred name was given to a non-Hindu child. In their infinite wisdom and mercy, gods can't be that petty, but human beings can. "What I have to say to you, I could not say in front of the priest because it would have exacerbated the situation," I told them. "Someone in your family is very nuha because you didn't name your son after them, especially since you went to that person to ask them for a Hawaiian name for your son, and at the last minute, you ended up not using that name,"

"Ooooh," the couple looked at one another, realizing who it was that might have sent a curse of possession to their son. 

"Why didn't you just go with the name that you asked for?" No initial reply from either person until the wife nudged the husband.

"I wanted my son to be tough, so when my aunty gave him this Hawaiian name with the word 'Pua' in it, I thought, how can my son grow up to be tough if part of his name has the word 'Flower' in it? So, since my favorite movie is The Raid, I named my son Rama. After the main character."

"You so stupid," the wife shook her head.

"So," I suggested. "Go apologize to your aunty, and hope she forgives you. That's the only way this possession will stop. See how simple this is and how much trouble you could have saved yourself, and look at who had to pay for your ignorance?"

Mission accomplished.

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