Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Oct 4, 2022

Nalowale 2022

Bayer Kelea vanished one day while on his way to hike a trail in Moanalua valley.

It seemed strange that he would disappear because many people on the same path that morning saw Bayer walking as they exited or entered the valley themselves. After a forty-eight-hour period of being missing, it was announced that Bayers phone still had a signal when his mother called because he answered and told her not to worry, that he'd reached the ridge where he could clearly see Tripler Army hospital and that he was going to descend the same trail in a minute. An hour later, Bayer called his mother to tell her that he had reached his car and was heading home. After that, she never heard back from him, and when she called his phone, it went straight to voicemail. A month later, three hikers found a dark blue tracksuit, a pair of hiking boots, and socks neatly folded and placed on top of the shoes. The initials B.K. were written in pen on the tags of all three items, but no sign of the owner of those initials. As well, was his phone and wallet also found in his pockets. When analyzed for fingerprints, the authorities found that they all belonged to Bayer. So, where did he go? The other strange thing was that Bayers car was not found where he claimed to his mother to have parked it, which was on Ala Aolani street. Instead, Mrytle Chang's drone found the vehicle precariously parked on the top of Kamananui ridge. No dings or dents, but weather-beaten as one would expect when your car is left out in the open on top of such a location. A year later, another group of Hikers illegally climbed the stairway to heaven's steps early one morning. They would tell the authorities that same day that they three had come across Bayer Kelea walking down the steps toward them and that they had actually pointed to him and asked, "Hey, you're that hiker that disappeared, right?"

"I'm disappeared," he laughed. "I'm just disengaged."

"The fog suddenly got really thick," the one hiker said to the news cameras. "Just a short second, a wind came in and quickly cleared the fog away. Next thing we know, he's gone. That's a long walk down, but there's no way he could have disappeared because we would have seen him leaving the rest of the way, but he was just gone, vanished."

To prove their point, one of the hikers showed a picture of Bayer she'd taken during that brief encounter with him. Every person's faces are as clear as day in the pic, except for Bayers. His is the only one that is blurry from head to toe. "He was wearing that blue tracksuit that was found on the Moanalua valley trail side," the other hiker told the news cameras. So did they encounter Bayer's ghost, or was it something else entirely? Or is it that Bayer just didn't want to be found, that he just wanted out from society? But then, why go through the trouble of getting someone to airlift your car onto a mountain ridge? The strange events surrounding Bayer Kelea still linger, and his family is still searching for answers they may never find. Local conspiracy theorists claim alien abduction or simulation; others say he lives in two dimensions, ours and the one that took him. Whatever the case, if you see Bayer Kelea, do not approach or engage; just call the authorities and give them a detailed description of what you saw and heard. Of course, whether the officers actually respond to you is another matter entirely.

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