Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Oct 21, 2022

Neko 2022

The old house at the end of 12th avenue on the Waikīkī side of the freeway was an excellent purchase. Except that, within a month of living there, the family noticed a collection of cats sitting on their lawn every night. They made no noise or destroyed anything; they were just there. No employed method to get rid of them seemed to work. This went on for months until one night the family returned home after attending a family gathering on the north shore. Too tired to look at the ring camera alerts while on the drive back, the husband and wife reviewed the door cam footage once they got to their rooms and sat on their bed. They were shocked, terrified, and glad at what they saw. Three men they had never seen before were trying to break into the house and became frustrated at their lack of success. In the next second, the same collections of cats that gathered on their lawn, were all over the three men, ferociously biting and scratching them everywhere. The men ran off badly wounded and were easily found by the police because of the injuries they received from the neighborhood cats. The family found out that the old Japanese woman who lived there before them prayed to the Obake Neko, a kind of ghost cat. Through the neighborhood strays, the Obake Neko protected the old Japanese woman. Now that she was gone, the same Obake Neko protects the new family. 

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