Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Oct 11, 2023

100 Ghost Stories Counting Down To Halloween 2023. #81. Knock.

Mara and Tianna were having a late-night dinner, mulling, regretting, and crying over past failures in relationships and the like.

No matter how they tried, their personal lives always seemed to fall apart in one way or another. Tonight was a meeting of beleaguered minds and broken souls. The two sisters sat silently with a pint of Rocky Road ice cream between them. Each scooping out a spoonful of the delectable dessert which would only contribute more pounds of heartbreak and tears to their hips and thighs. 

"Fuckin' asshole," Tianna sighed. "I gave Doug everything I had, all of me, and I still got shit on,"

"Shit," Mara chuckled. "I treated Cameron's kids like my own," she said while swirling some ice cream on her spoon. "Fed them clothed them, took them to and from school. Brought them to all of their appointments. I even made friends with his ex just so we could be cool, and he still fuckin' stepped out me,"

"What are we doing wrong?" Tianna mused. "Seriously, what the fuck are we doing wrong?"

"We're becoming their mothers, that's what the fuck we're doing wrong," Mara laughed.

"That's fuckin' gross, 'cause they sleep with us too," Tianna wretched in disgust.

"For mutherfuckers like we got, that's the perfect world," Mara nodded. "You know I'm right. Besides, we're all fucked up over it now but getting dumped is probably the best thing that could have happened to us," Mara pointed her spoon at her sister. Just then, there was a knock at the door, and the voice accompanying it spoke.

"Tianna baby, open the door. It's Doug, baby. Open up, let me in," Doug's voice seemed desperate, almost as if he were in pain. "Open up, baby; let me in!"

Tianna hopped off the stool with a dramatic sigh, but her sister grabbed her and stopped her. "Wait, Mara, hold on, hold on,"

"What, Mara? That's Doug; I have to let him in," Tianna insisted.

"Isn't Doug in Los Angeles for his uncle's funeral?" Mara asked.

"Well yeah, but maybe he changed his mind, maybe he realized he fucked up, and he wants to make it up to me," Tianna insisted.

"Ti, stop livin' in a dream world; you said it yourself; Doug doesn't give a shit about you! This just seems weird, doesn't it?" Mara wouldn't let it go. The knocking continued, and this time, the two sisters heard Doug say, "Don't let your sister fill your head with stupid ideas, Mara; I love you. Open up, let me in,"

Without a second thought, Mara grabbed Tianna's phone, hit a number on speed dial, and put it on speaker. 

"What are you doing?" Tianna asked.

The phone rang on the other side, and someone picked up. "Hello, this is Doug?"

"Doug, this is Mara," she said with some spice in her tone.

"Mara?" Doug squealed. "Why are you calling me? Where's Tianna?"

"Um, first of all, fuck you, Doug, for fucking my sister over, and secondly, where are you right now?" Mara snapped. 

"First of all, whatever," Doug sighed. "Secondly, I'm at my uncle's funeral services in Los Angeles,"

Mara hung up and tossed her sister's cell phone to her. "Don't open that door,"

"What the fuck is going on, Mara? If Doug's in L.A., then who is knocking on our door?" Tears stained Tianna's cheeks, and she was beginning to panic.

"So much negative shit's been happening to us, Ti, that I think we're attracting other negative shit," Mara walked her sister back to the kitchen and pulled a chair beside her. "Let's just continue eating this ice cream and fucking pray until the knocking stops, and we'll be fine," she assured Tianna. The two prayed together until the entire pint of ice cream was gone, along with it, the knocking and the negative entity pretending to be Doug.

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