Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Oct 8, 2023

100 Ghost Stories Counting Down To Halloween 2023. #78. Jump.

When the story first came to me, I did not believe it.

In fact, I remember letting out a sigh of disappointment. But can't people come up with something original? There was probably a story like this one in every state in the united states. First, you go to the top of the Aloha Tower observation deck and take in the magnificent view of the harbor. Then you notice a woman who looks strangely out of place because of how she's dressed. She looks like something out of the 20s' Mary Pickford silent film. Then, before it all sinks in, she climbs over the railing and throws herself to her death below. Except, when your curiosity leads you to look down at the gruesome sight of what you know will be her broken body, there's nothing there; she's gone. According to the e-mails I've been receiving from several different sources, this has become a frequent occurrence. Honestly, I believed it was a group of people who knew one another and conspired to send me these e-mails individually in the hopes of creating an urban legend based on a kind of mass hysteria. I had to find out for myself. Random people gather at markets, parks, and events, for whatever reason, and collectively witness something out of the ordinary. Each person has a perspective of said event, so who is right or wrong? No one. It was near two in the afternoon, and three other people were on the observation deck aside from myself. They talked among one another and took pictures of the harbor and the skyline. I had seen enough or not seen what I had come for when I saw that a fourth person had joined the group of three. Did I miss her entirely? I didn't hear the elevator door open. She looked at me suddenly and smiled while pointing beyond me, indicating that she wanted to see the view of the mountains and that I was blocking her way. She was young, a mixture of Hawaiian, Chinese, Japanese, or perhaps Filipino. She wore a muted green skirt with a dull red colored waistcoat. A small purse sat on the side of her hip as the strap was worn across her chest and shoulder. There was no make-up of any kind, and her copper wire black hair was kept tamed by a few strategically placed hairpins. By the time I saw that she was barefoot, it was too late. She'd already claimed the ledge and jumped. If you've been to the top of the Aloha Tower as of late, it is impossible to do so as the observation deck is enclosed. Yet, this girl jumped to her death. In less than a minute, I realized I was the only one screaming in horror. The three other people were only horrified at my screaming like I was a madman. When I calmed down enough to ask them about the girl that jumped, having described what she looked like in detail, they told me they saw no such person. Without warning, I began screaming hysterically. It should come as no surprise to you then that when I took the elevator down and went to the only spot where the girl's body should have landed, there was nothing there. Also, no crowd gathered to see a non-existent, brutally broken corpse of a young local girl. No ambulance, no firefighters, no police. Nothing. 

I can only conclude that the sighting of this spirit that jumps to its death can only make herself known to those who can psychically perceive her if that makes any sense? Now, this does not mean that you should begin to go to the aloha tower in search of her spirit because the space at the observation deck is rather cramped. But, if you do go, go in sparse groups and arm yourselves with the proper equipment that might help you capture something. Good luck to you.

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