Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Oct 31, 2023

After 100 Ghost Stories 2023. 'Ohe.

 "It either sits or stands in the corner of the room.

It's not noticeable right away. You will see it once you're looking at one side of it. It will move unexpectedly, and by then, it's too late. It's already walking toward you. There's nowhere to hide once it's seen you. You can't close your eyes and will it away by convincing yourself it's a figment of your imagination because it's not your imagination. Don't look in the dark for things like that because it won't be you who finds it. It will find you," Boy said. "By the looks of you, it already has."

"What do I do?" Demetri Adams asked. 

"What are you willing to do?" Boy replied.

"Anything, just get rid of it," Demetri insisted.

"Anything?" Boy wanted to make sure.

"Yes, anything," Demetri tried to put on his best sincere voice.

"This woman is someone in life who you wholly ignored and treated as if she were less than zero," Boy began. "Even though she was constantly around you, spoke to you, and did everything at your behest, you treated her like nothing. That was until the most recent company party, where, by the end, you could not find anyone to take home to spend the night. Because it's at night, Demetri, where you're the most vulnerable because truly, deep down inside, you're miserable and lonely. Yet, she was there lingering until the last minute to see if you needed anything, and for a brief few hours, you needed her. When the conquest was said and done, you sent her off the following morning, never acknowledging what occurred between you. You had no idea and probably didn't care about how fragile she was. Remember when she didn't show up for work for a while, and when someone brought it to your attention, you said something flippant, like perhaps she quit. You didn't care. You didn't care that she killed herself in your office. Did you know that only her elderly mother attended her services at Mililani Mortuary and no one else? Not anyone from your office, for that matter? Did you even know her name?"

"No," Demetri said, shocked at what he'd just heard.

"Mavis Inman," Boy said. "Graduated high school with honors and made the dean's list. It was the same in college, but while at college, she was raped and beaten in a stairwell between classes. She completed her master's, but after that, she dove into the workforce, where she was hired at your firm. Do you know who hired her?"

"No," Demetri shook his head.

"You did because you said you liked her qualifications and how simple her beauty was, like an old movie actress," Boy told Demetri. "She fell in love with you right there and then. She made excuses for you whenever you treated her and everyone else like shit, all because she loved you.'

"Alright!" Demetri shouted. "Just tell me what I'm supposed to do!"

"Just stay still, right where you are," Boy nodded. "It shouldn't hurt; at least, I heard it doesn't."

"What do you mean?" Demetri asked.

Mavis Inman's shadow manifested in the shadow next to the lamp in Boy's office. Her spirit fell into a dead run with fingers curled and lips drawn back, showing her bare rotting teeth. She melded into Demetri's body and ate him from the inside out. It was a horrible mess, but once she was done, Boy told her, "You have your revenge; now leave,"

An evil smile crossed her face, and she leared hungrily at Boy. "My appetite is still unsatisfied," she turned on him, ready to tear his flesh to shreds, but Boy held out a bamboo container and spoke the word, "E Ho'opiha ka 'ohe," Mavis turned to black smoke and was sucked into the bamboo container which Boy closed quickly on the top. She did exactly as Boy commanded and had no power to resist him. She filled the bamboo container.

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