Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Oct 19, 2023

100 Ghost Stories Counting Down To Halloween 2023. #89. The Devil You Don't Know.

 The door locks from the outside.

I asked the security guard and the clergy to keep it that way until they heard three distinct knocks on the door from the inside. Two knocks, a ten-second pause, and then the third. The room is small, and chairs in a circle encompass the entire space. That's fifteen chairs. 

"One of you in this room is possessed," I said. "That door isn't opening until we find out who it is,"

Immediately, Serah Diggeers, formerly Serah Otani, who married Carl Diggers against her family's wishes and then was disowned by them, shot straight up out of her chair. She ran past me and began pounding on the door, screaming at the top of her lungs to be released. She was claustrophobic. She's the only person in her state office who could not work in a cubicle. She needed an open space where she wouldn't be crippled by anxiety. I pulled her away from the door and calmed her down. Then, I gave the knock. The door opened, and the guard and the clergy took Serah away. 

"The knock is now a battery of three times three," I whispered to the security guard. He nodded and closed the door. Turning to the fourteen remaining people who were now visibly uncomfortable and squirming in their chairs, I said. " Fourteen left, who's next?"

The room stood up and came rushing forward, pushing me out of the way and pounding me with fists, kicks, and stomps. I scrambled out of the way while they hit and screamed at the door to be let out. I hadn't intended to use it, but I always keep it on my person as a kind of you'll never know when you might need it kinda thing. I pulled out my Sig Sauer P226 and unloaded two shots to the ceiling. That shut them up pretty quick. I pointed the gun at them, motioning them to move to the opposite end of the room. As they and I moved counter to each other, I slowly nudged chairs out of my way with my lower thigh and knee. We could all just rush him right now," John Nohara said to the other thirteen.

"You could," I said.  But seven of you would be dead, which leaves only five," I removed the other Sig from my concealed carry holster in my jeans.  Then I'd use this one."

"Then we'd all be dead, and you'd never find out which of us is possessed," John said.

"Let's see about that," I replied, then shot John Nohara in the chest. He fell in a heap, and everybody else backed off a few steps, hysterically screaming. One by one, I gave each person the test of holy water by using a giant spray bottle which I could apply from a safe distance without getting close to them. Nothing. No adverse reaction whatsoever. I gave the secret knock and let them out. The second the last person walked out, the guard and the clergy stepped into the room and shut the door.

John Nohara sat on a chair, wiping some fake blood off his face. "Those explosive caps get everywhere, don't they? Shit, it's all on the back of my neck too,"

"That was thirty thousand each for fifteen people, that's $450,000?" I asked just to verify. The guard, the clergy, and John nodded. "It's a good payday,"

"You forgot me," the voice from the back of the room said. It was Serah Diggers, but she'd already been let out. "I fabricated that claustrophobia thing on the application, so if I freaked out when the door was closed, you'd let me out, and you did! I couldn't be around for spraying the holy water, fuuuuck that."

"How the hell?" I was confused, of course.

"My family not only disowned me," Serah began. "They also cursed me with an Inugami to possess my body and ruin my life,"


Ron Oligera, John Nohara, Stuart Ohai, Fathers Lewis, Canton, and Bistalla were found mangled and disemboweled in a small conference room of the Kaka'ako Ministries Church. A church that was steeped in controversy when it was built over a mass burial of smallpox victims, which numbered in the thousands. The six men were part of an elaborate scam where they convinced a group of people that they were possessed by the devil and that if they gathered in a room together, they could exorcise the demon. No one knows what happened and how the six men were brutally murdered. Whatever the reason, in the end, it seems these six men had hell to pay.

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