Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Sep 1, 2016

100 Ghost Stories Counting Down To Halloween! 59 Nights Left! "Ouija 101"

The floor of Professor Greene’s classroom was covered with large lauhala mats that were expertly positioned to fit like a jigsaw puzzle. His psychology 101 students were dumbfounded at first and did not know what to do. He encouraged them to have a seat on the mat but it would take a minute before everyone felt comfortable enough to do so. The professor removed a computer bag from his desk drawer and then sat in front of his class. He put the computer bag on his lap and removed a Ouija board which he placed on the mat in front of him. A bit of murmuring when through the class and some of the students shifted uncomfortably; a few had to fight the sensation to flee.

“The Ouija Board has been maligned as a tool of the devil,” Professor Greene began. “Really, it’s just a function of the sub-conscious,”

“Wait, isn’t this a psychology 101 class?” Fynn Koshima asked.

“It is,” Professor Greene confirmed. “We do have to remember that our sub-conscious sometimes causes us to do things that we’re not aware of. Believe it or not, the Ouija Board is one of those things.” Waving everyone forward, the professor continued, “I need two volunteers; Fynn why don’t you be one? Aaaaand.…Maile! Would you mind?”

Fynn moved forward while the rest of the class parted so that Maile could get through. Once they took their seats on the other side of the Ouija board, professor Greene began to speak.

“To prove what I just said, we’re going to ask one question each. Our combined sub-conscious should make the funny lookin’ triangle thing move. We’ll repeat the experiment again but we’ll be blind folded.”

Maile took in a deep breath while Fynn rubbed his hands together. Professor Greene was the first to touch the planchette; nodding toward Fynn in Maile he encouraged them to follow his example. Once all finger tips were in place, the professor encouraged Fynn to ask the first question.

“Uh, how old is Professor Greene? Really?” Fynn asked. Nervous laughter went around the group but they suddenly fell silent as the planchette moved across the board.

It went to the number 4 and then 2.

“42,” Maile repeated. “Is that even relevant?” She asked.

“It could be,” the Professor replied. “ I am 42. You next Maile,”

“Uh,” Maile hesitated, “how will I die?”

The planchette practically jumped as it went to the letters “P A R K I N G L O T”

“Parking lot?” Maile laughed. “Now I know this is bullshit; that doesn’t even make sense,”

“Now me,” Professor Greene said. “After this crazy experiment, will all of my students come back to class tomorrow?”

The planchette slid to the letters, “A L L B U T” and then the number, “2”

“Now,” Professor Greene said as he put his hand up to his class, “I’m going to give myself, Fynn and Maile each a handkerchief and we are going to blind fold ourselves and ask the same three questions of the Ouija board. Nothing will happen because our eyes cannot see the board and so therefore our collective sub-conscious has nothing to work off of. That of course, will prove my point. Here we go, the same three questions,”

The three blindfolded themselves and proceeded. Fynn Koshima was first,

“How old is Professor Greene, really?”

“ 4 2” the board replied. “4 2 he dies,”

Many in the class gasped in horror and it surprised Professor Greene. “What’s going on?”

“The board said 42 he dies,” Kathy Baroga whispered.

Calming the class down, the professor continued with the experiment.

“Maile, on to you,” Professor Greene said calmly.

“How will I die?” Maile asked almost disinterested.

The board gave the same answer, “ P A R K I N G L O T B Y F Y N N”

The class began to scream and clamor which caused the Professor the raise his voice in an effort to contain their fear.

“Let us finish and we’ll see what’s going on after, please!”

The class settled down but strangely enough they all gathered closer around the Ouija Board.

“My turn,” Professor Greene said to himself.  “After this crazy experiment, will all of my students come back to class tomorrow?”

The board spelled out,  “A L L B U T 2 F Y N N N M A I L E”

The entire class let out a scream and began to vacate the room. Kathy Baroga was the only one who stayed back so that she could tell her professor what the Ouija board spelled out while they were blindfolded.

“Professor Greene, the board said at 42 you would die, and it said Maile was going to die in the parking lot by Fynn. Then it said the entire class would come back tomorrow except for Fynn and Maile,”

Maile walked out of the class at that point as she was over the so called experiment. She had a long walk which would take her clear across the LCC campus. Professor Greene was done for the day; was he shook up? Perhaps. The experiment with the Ouija board usually proves his point once the participants are blind folded but this is the first time that it continued to spell out messages.

Professor Greene opened the door to his car and tossed his computer bag in the back seat. As he looked up he saw Maile standing on the other side of his vehicle.

“I’m done, I wanna end this. It’s not working out,” Maile said.

“What do you mean it’s not working out? You’re passing the class with flying colors and you get the benefits, so what’s not working out?” Professor Greene asked.

“Uh, I’m single and you’re married?” Maile replied.


Fynn Koshima only had 15 minutes to get to work. He couldn’t waste anytime getting there, he needed the job since his parents cut him off. His Dodge Arrow was another insult since his parents wouldn’t help him finance the car he really wanted. Community college at LCC was also on his own dime; it was very possible the Fynn would have to work a second job. Was he worried about the Ouija board the experiment?  No, there were more pressing life problems that occupied his mind; right now it was getting to work as soon as possible. By the time he was headed out of the school parking lot he was doing eighty miles per hour. He didn’t even see Professor Greene and Maile arguing in the middle of the lot. He hit Maile so hard that she flew end over end and died when she landed on the pavement and broke her neck.  Professor Greene was caught under Fynn’s car and was dragged for several feet before Fynn came to a skidding stop on Greene’s head.


The following morning as Chancellor Lydia Young made her way to Professor Greene’s room, she tried to think of the best way to break the tragic news to his class. Should she be honest and tell them everything? They were adults after all, or should she just announce that Greene suddenly died and that there are no details regarding his passing? Rounding the corner of the building she could hear screams of terror. Several students pushed past her and one younger man almost knocked her down. The commotion was coming from Greene’s room; people stood outside in tears while others tried to comfort one another. Lydia pushed her way past a smaller group of students who held their phones in the door taking pictures.

The chancellor looked around the room and didn’t see anything at first; it wouldn’t be until she gazed toward the corner that she would see Professor Richard Greene’s ghost. It was a horrible sight, his clothes were torn and covered with blood and pavement. He would have been entirely unrecognizable if it were not for the purple tweed tie that he always wore. His head was positioned in an awkward angle and most of his face was scraped away.

“Lydia,” he groaned in pain. “Lydia,”

The chancellor’s horrific screams echoed through out the entire building and momentarily interrupted every class that was in session. It was an experience that Lydia Young
would never be able to remove from her mind. It would haunt her in her waking hours and in her sleep and well into her retirement.

“A L L B U T F Y N N N M A I L E”

The Ouija board was correct, everyone would return to class the next day except for Fynn and Maile. Fynn was traumatized by his accidental killing of his professor and his classmate. Needless to say he didn’t make it to work and as a result he was fired. But why didn’t the Ouija board include the professor himself as being the third person who would not be present in class the following day?
Could it be that some psychic imprint of Professor Greene was already embed in the walls of his classroom after having been there for twenty seven years?

Or was it the Ouija board that inconspicuously trapped the professor’s spirit without him even knowing it?

So much for the sub-conscious.…

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