Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Sep 16, 2016

100 Ghost Stories Counting Down To Halloween! 44 Nights Left! "Ho'oku'ike" (Recognize)

A word of wisdom was imparted to me by a very wise and sage like person a few years ago. It was simple but it carried a lot of weight,

“Once you recognize evil, it recognizes you. Measure caution with the next step you take, for it could mean your salvation or your own undoing.”


An old classmate phoned one late night with a very urgent request, he believed that some evil entity in his Makakilo home had taken possession of his wife. He desperately needed my help. I informed him that exorcisms are not within the realm of my experience and that he would have to consult his priest or pastor or what have you. He would not relent however and he urged me to do it as a favor to him, for the sake of old times.

I appreciated his penchant for nostalgia but I emphasized that he needed a qualified person to perform the task for which their skills are honed. He was sorely disappointed and was very honest in regards to how he felt,

“Man I thought we were long time friends?”

“We are,” I reassured him. “But you’re asking for something that’s way above my pay grade,”

“Is it because you no can,” he tweaked, “or is it because you no like?”

“Look man, even if I could, I can’t.” I was pointed. “I got a wife and kids, and grand kids. I couldn’t take that chance,”

“So you no like,” he confirmed.

“Call Kahu Kaleo Lyons, he’s qualified and sanctioned to do what you want,” I advised him.

“Fine brah, check you laters,” he hung up.


Two nights later and I am jolted from my sleep in the late hours of darkness; a terrible feeling has come over me. I dress quickly and in the next few minutes I am driving out to the more recent developments in Makakilo. The home of my old classmate Ronald Higa is surrounded by his neighbors who express grave concern for the noises and unusual commotion which emanates from within the confines of his domicile. I push my way through the mob and bound the stairs to the second floor. The smell of death is everywhere, it is sickening because the aroma is a living thing that creeps into the very pores of your skin if you have not the strength and character to endure it. I am not yet in Ronald’s room but I can already hear the low animal like growling; but what shakes me to the core is the invocation that I hear from Ronald,

“Invite’ you omnis immundus spiritus...!!!”

“Nooooo!!!” I scream with dread. I run into the room and spin him around and push him out of the way. Other than being covered with vomit and blood, his wife’s countenance is normal. Her eyes are not yellowed in color, her skin is not festered by the wounds of holy water. Neither is her hair matted; rather it is lush and effervescent. She is adorned in her best gown with all of her jewelry and sparkling earrings, but she stands with the resolve of a wounded dog, prepared to fight to the death. She simultaneously levitates while her husband recites the invocation, he gives his all to secure her by her thighs until he can lower her to the carpet again and again. Her beauty is the illusion that would fool most but in this instance there was not a moment to waste; I faced my open palms to my mouth and took over the invocation,

“Exorcizamus you omnis immundus spiritu...!!!”

Pushing my palms out toward Ronald’s wife, a massive wind covered her body and raced out the front door immediately thereafter. She collapsed in a heap; in spite of all that she must have endured, she was safe.The entity was gone; however there was no nostalgia or mercy to be extended to my old classmate.

 I pushed him back and screamed at him, “What the hell are you thinking???”

Ronald reacted with more disappointment, “See? You can but you neva like,”

“I mean, what the hell are you doing giving an invocation for an exorcism?! You could have gotten yourself killed or worse!” I was face to face with him now, breathing on him so as to make my point.

“I neva trust nobody else but you! But since you no like, I went on Google and found something and did ‘um myself!” His tears of anger and frustration let itself free.

“Your Latin sucks, ‘Invite’ (in-vee-teh) means to ‘invite’, you were inviting evil forces from hell to come and TAKE your wife, not exorcise them,” I was livid and without a filter. “When I said that you should consult a professional, I meant it!” I turned and quickly made my exit from the house. Ronald chased after to me to offer apologies and thanks but my only reply to him was that he should never call me again. It was now the deepest most darkest hour of night and I found myself driving toward Kaena point where I could cleanse myself in its pristine waters before I returned home.

In the future I must learn to disregard these urgent premonitions that alarm the comfort of my sleep and peace of mind. Friend or foe be damned.

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