Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Sep 27, 2016

100 Ghost Stories Counting Down To Halloween! 33 Nights Left! "Sexy Mind"

(Warning: Mature content )

Work ended late, it was overtime of course and that was good for us. Driving a tour bus in Honolulu isn’t glamorous but we needed the money. My interview with OTS was on Monday and so I had my fingers crossed. It was a little after midnight when I walked into my bedroom and got ready to shower. I left the lights off because I didn’t want to wake my wife. Tossing my clothes in the hamper and grabbing a clean towel from my drawer, I was headed to the bathroom when I felt my wife’s hand grab my manhood. It startled me for a second but her mischievous laugh put me at ease. She took me in her mouth and worked her magic; I could feel the warmth of her tongue working the bottom and top of me back and forth. I gasped and cautioned her to go slow but she took a moment to breathe and assured me that I shouldn’t be worried,

“There’s more where this came from,”

My knees went weak and I could hardly hold myself up as she doubled her efforts; I was going to explode at any moment and I couldn’t hold it back. All it took was a flick of her tongue on the underside of the tip and I was done, it felt like my entire soul was leaving my body. I lost my balance and reached out for the top of my dresser drawer in order to right myself but I was too far away, all I could do was hold on to my wife’s shoulders. When she was done I had no strength left and I felt like I was going to crumble to the carpet and end up in a shaking breathless heap, but she wouldn’t let me. Her two hands held me upright by my buttocks and she started again. It felt like I was going to die but she worked her magic once more and I was fully aroused, except this time, she wouldn’t let me finish. Instead, she walked out of the room and took a left turn down the hallway. I didn’t see the kitchen light go on, nor did the blue glow from the television screen n the living room. I finally managed to get myself up off the floor and was a bit clumsy while trying to trace her path down the hallway. The ambient light from the street lamps lit our living room well enough that I could see her sitting on our couch naked.

“Here’s more,” she said.

Our lovemaking was an intense marathon and I did my best to hold off as much as I could, but by the time that I’d finally reached the end, I was dizzy with exhaustion. I got up from the couch and held my wife’s hand as we walked back to our bedroom.

“Really?” She smiled.

“Really,” I confirmed.

At that moment, I recall raising her hand to my lips and kissing it gently; then I spun her around and took her right where we stood. She let out a surprised moan and wrapped her hand around the back of my neck. We were connected, we moved as one and declared over and over again that the love we felt was eternal. We expressed it with deep sincerity and affection; she tensed up suddenly and couldn’t seem to catch her breath. Her body shuddered and then she cried out, “Please babes, please!”

 She was done but it wasn’t over yet.

I lay her on the carpet and kissed her softly while she simultaneously lifted her hips to meet mine. A few minutes later, the storm began to rise from the bottom of my stomach and a sudden jolt of electricity caused every muscle in my body to tense up all at once. She felt it because she grabbed my shoulders and pressed her heels against the back of my thighs. We moaned in unison as everything physical and spiritual released itself from our bodies, leaving the two of us in an undulating mess of passion.

When I awoke the following morning I was fast asleep on the carpet, still naked, my body weak and sore from the after-effects of the previous night. Usually, it was the alarm that woke me but this morning, I got up before it could sound. My wife was already awake by the time I’d gotten dressed, and I crawled across the bed and kissed her on the forehead and greeted her with an appreciative good morning. I slid my arms under her knees and back and carried her from the bed and placed her in her wheelchair. Her fingers couldn’t close all the way but she had enough range of motion and movement in her hands that she could work the controls. Maneuvering herself out of the bedroom and into the bathroom, she positioned herself in front of the sink, where I helped to brush her teeth and rinse out with mouthwash. She caught me looking at her, while I brushed out her hair.

“What?” She was blushing.

“I don’t know how you do it, being bound to this wheelchair and everything, but it’s worth the wait once a month,” I smiled. “It keeps me honest.”

“ The power of the mind can be a wicked thing,” she winked.

"It certainly was last night," I agreed.

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