Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Sep 15, 2016

100 Ghost Stories Counting Down To Halloween! 45 Nights Left! "Pale Uhi" (Veil)


Entry: December 1890

Of this time in which I have endured the long days of suffering through my failing health, my physicians prudently advise me to embark on a trip to San Francisco, where perhaps the atmosphere of that city will prove to be agreeable to my condition. Were it not for the odd visions which I have witnessed as of late, I would have denied such a recommendation. However, should the last days of my life be close at hand, it is my will to die here with my beloved Kapi’olani at my side as my ancestors receive me in to the bosom of Kanehunamoku.

The visions are but momentary but startling enough to merit concern, for it seems that I am the only witness to these wraith like shadows that appear and disappear altogether. On the day previous while retiring to read in my study, I sought to recapture my interest in birds from a large encyclopedia among my collection. I was taken aghast when a strange gathering of people materialized as if from nothing. They took notice of me and what followed thus were their screams, they may as well have witnessed the approach of the dreaded procession of those who travel in the night. Before I could demand the cause of their audacious trespass, they were gone as quickly as they appeared.

Alas, these strange hallucinations have not regarded themselves to the company of people but to the appearance of monolithic structures, some being mightier than that of King Solomon’s temple. They appear more frequently than is custom and they seem to hover in the night like silent sentinels, obscuring the view of Puowaina and the pathway into the embrace of Nu’uanu. Their origins are of a strange civilization and yet each one surrounds my home. On the last night of low twelve, I sought to enjoy the cool soothing air and took to myself a suitable opportunity to stroll the grounds of the royal palace. I was vexed to noticed that oddly dressed persons at this late hour with no business or reason to be here, pass freely through Hakaleleponi with no respite from my guards.

Where are my guards?

I approach the cowans with candor and affability in the hopes that my pleasant nature will ease them of the want to scream. They too vanish without warning; it is for this reason that my decision to heed the advice of my physicians has been made. Perhaps the atmosphere in fair San Francisco will acclimate my health to improve. Perhaps I will find relief from these odd visions.

Kalakaua Rex


Today: 2016

In today’s news the executive director of the palace and it’s curator quelled unfounded rumors that the ghost of the late King Kalakaua began to make appearances in his former royal home. Witnesses however, claimed to have seen his ghost in the royal study and have seem him roaming the grounds of the palace after midnight. Whether these claims are true or not, it has generated a lot of interest in the history of the palace itself.

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