Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Sep 11, 2017

100 Ghost Stories Counting Down To Halloween 2017 #51


Of course, I can never mention the name of the establishment but you know the one I’m talking about because there’s one in Manoa where the Bon Dance Mafia hang out at all hours of the day and night. I ended up working there because I was a transfer from another store in ‘Ewa Beach. I come from a Samoan family where a village literally raises a child and can give them Sasa if they act out of turn, so that makes me an old school Samoan.
To give you an example, some of these younger Samoan kids who thought they were mainland gangsters began to act up in my store and started to show disrespect to some of our regular senior citizen customers by telling them to shut up and swearing at them. My blood boiled and I jumped over the counter and cuffed the biggest kid in the back of the head and knocked him down. The rest of his little friends took off like the little rats that they were, I don’t put up with nonsense from kids who don’t know their place. One day I received a call from the corporate office that I had to transfer to the store at the Manoa shopping center; they were losing swing shift managers, and crew trainers left and right. They didn’t say why and so I agreed to transfer, the good thing was that we had some crazy homeless people who would come in but they were harmless. Then there were the senior citizens who bought coffee and food to eat but they would spend hours just sitting and talking with one another. These were good people too who were retired and had no family, except for each other. The trouble maker kids were very few and far in between but when they did make their presence known, I would make my presence known as well. I had already been working at this store for a year and six months when one morning we were making the transition from breakfast to lunch. I had burgers on the grill and fries ready to go when all of a sudden I looked down to my right and there was a little Japanese boy with his little blue Pan Am coin purse,

“Can I have a Big Burger? He asked.

This was the first time that some trouble maker kid had the nerve or the stupidity to come in the back, especially in the grill area. My blood boiled and I lost it, “What you doing here hah? Beat it before I give you dirty lickens!”

The kid took off running in the wrong direction and headed down the stairs to the crew room, I chased after him, hot on his tail. He turned the left corner into the waiting room and he was gone, completely disappeared. I must have been down there for a whole hour before I finally gave up the ghost. When I got back up stairs, the store manager asked me what happened and I told him. He then had me follow him outside and he told me that when this Manoa store first opened, a little boy used to live on the other side of the canal from our establishment, he climbed the fence one morning so he could come over and get his first official burger from us. The store manager said when the boy crossed the canal he didn’t know that the flood waters were rushing toward him. There was a heavy rainfall the night before and now all the rain waters were flooding the area. The boy never knew what hit him, the swollen rain waters took him away and his body was never found, but his ghost haunts the store.

I had no idea that the little Japanese boy was a ghost, but he must have been the reason why all the managers were leaving. I guess my scoldings must have scared him very bad because no one has seen his spirit in the store since then.

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