Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Sep 15, 2017

100 Ghost Stories Counting Down To Halloween 2017! #47


We were exactly what they called us, a bunch of rich spoiled kids with nothing better to do. We were bored, and stupid if the truth is told, not a good combination. We were in the middle of a bamboo forest in Nu’uanu where nothing but the feral pigs and wallabies should wander and furrow for their food. The location was good because we were off the literally beaten path that led up to the ruins of Kaniakapupu, we each wore camouflage Gilly suits so that no one who happened by would see us. Luckily for us, it was a quiet night and not a person appeared to wander up the trail by his or her self. It was me, Tyla, Langford, and Shorts who now sat in a closed circle with an Ouija board in the middle of us.
We turned our headlamps on and looked down at the spirit board in order to illuminate it for our own viewing, our fingertips were on the planchette and Tyla began to do a mantra in an animated spooky voice, "Oh spirit of the board, let it be told that he who comes to pass into this mundane world of ours  should do so through the board so we may know his presence amongst us!"

"AMONG us," Langford hissed. "It's like saying 'UNBEKNOWST!'

"Shut up!" Shorts growled under his breath. "Go ahead Tyla!"

"Pass him safely into this world that we may know him to be 'AMONG' us," Tyla repeated the words again and again in a sing song raspy voice.

An hour later, nothing happened and we all got up to leave, "I'll take point," I volunteered, there were no objections and so we trekked back on the winding trail which led us out to the Nu'uanu pali drive where we all approached the large Chevy Suburban. I clicked on the unlock icon on the key fob and all the doors opened, I couldn't help but notice that no one had gotten into the vehicle. I turned around and was nearly startled to see Tyla, Langford, and Shorts just standing there staring at me with a dead look in their eyes, expect that there were no eyes, there was no face, it was just their forms but it was them and it wasn't.  I was mortified and I didn't know how to make my voice come out of my throat so that I could scream bloody murder. I was in the SUV and speeding off in a matter of seconds, I'm not sure about where I was going to go but I had to get to wherever that was. I rounded the turn just before Ilanawai and I found myself pulling up into the small parking space in front of the water reservoir....again. I did a U-Turn and sped off in the opposite direction, but right where the road leads out the Pali Highway where I took that left turn I ended up back at the water reservoir.

This became a pattern after a few more attempts to leave the area, but it became apparent to me that I had to go back up into the bamboo forest to get my friends and get them I did. I found them in the same spot sitting down with the Ouija board in the middle of the bamboo forest, except that there was one person missing, that was me.

I was on the news the following morning, I was being arrested for the murder of my three friends who were found slain in the bamboo forest. Some hunters were coming through the area and smelled a foul odor. They wouldn't locate Tyla, Langford, and Shorts right away because of how their Gilly suits made them blend into the forest floor, the hunting dogs would discover otherwise. I was found an hour later in my SUV with a large bloody hunting knife in my hands and the three mutilated heads of my friends sitting on the passenger's side seat of my new SUV. I swear that after Tyla said that god awful mantra earlier, I heard a man's voice whisper, "I'll take it from here."

I hope I get a chance to come back to the surface but the voice whispers, "I'm not done having fun," 

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