Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Sep 30, 2017

100 Ghost Stories Counting Down To Halloween 2017! #32


It was an important meeting for key higher-ups in law enforcement and the attorney generals office. Their conference room was a hidden space behind two large double doors which could only be accessed by inserting two separate keys into two separate locks simultaneously. A large round table sat in the middle of the room with an appropriate number of chairs to accommodate it and it was here that the most important decisions regarding the state of Hawaii would be made.
The building in which these meetings took place was nondescript; people who daily drove by or walked past it would never imagine the function for which it was used. As the enclave of people huddled into the room they were taken aback when they saw a complete stranger sitting on the other side of the roundtable.  He was a Hawaiian man dressed in an impeccable coat and tie, many recognized him right away but said nothing; instead, they all had an unnerving fright when they heard the double doors slam shut behind them. It was the Rizal brothers, they were armed with Heckler & Kotch mp5 submachine guns. The brothers fanned out to the four corners of the room and waited until everyone else's attention was focused on their boss, Boy Napualawa.

"I want this matter concerning Edmond Poli to go away, I want it dropped and forgotten about. I understand that Edmond Poli had a few of you on his payroll which is why two of your detectives brought this matter to my office twice, the first time the lives of my elderly aunt and two uncles were threatened. The second time, it was my life that was in danger and if not for detective Mike Takata I would be dead. So to be fair, I'm bringing this matter to you; whoever killed Emond Poli uses a cursed ti-leaf bundle as one of his methods to take people out, that has nothing to with me or the people in my office. But for some reason, your department has taken it upon themselves to make this my problem. Now, I know that the second I walk out of this room all of you are going to exhaust your resources to make sure that I get taken care of or get taken out. The difference is that my resources are inexhaustible. I'll give you a little taste of what I mean," Boy looked over at Manny and gave him a raise of his eyebrow, Manny, and his three brothers removed little ti leaf bundles from their coat pockets and randomly tossed them at the huddled group of movers and shakers. The second anyone of them caught the ti leaf bundle, it exploded and covered them with a black dust. The black dust turned to liquid and immediately seeped in through the pores of their skin where it was absorbed into their nervous system. They all began to throw up a thick black liquid which came out through every orifice.

"Blood money is dirty money that is only colored green because of greed," Boy said as he watched everyone writing on the floor or on their hands and knees with black mucus-like liquid dangling from their noses and mouths. "If this Edmond Poli thing is done, your suffering is done. If it's not, I can make this illness go on for a few years, you decide which is worth more."

Boy stood up and the Rizal brothers carefully secured Boy from the room but before they let Boy looked back and said, "Have a good meeting ladies and gentlemen."


Tabby stood at the foot of the grave where her father and brother lay, aunty Rita, Tiny, and Ivan waited for her near the car. It was a somber morning at Hawaiian memorial, even the wind seemed melancholy as if it did not have enough will to lift a dry brown leaf off the ground.

"Daddy....Daniel...I'm adopted by Uncle Boy, I'm his hanai daughter and he's my hanai father but it's because he wants to leave his legacy to someone when his time comes. I'm so honored but I'm really scared, but I do my best to.......I do my best because that's all he asks for. Daddy, I'll always be your Tabby, that will never change. Daniel, you can't get rid of your pain in the ass sister. I just wanted you guys to know so that in case..........when I see you guys again, you won't be confused because my last name is different from yours." Tabby sat on the grass and cleared away the debris from her father and brother's names on the plaque. "I love you guys."

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