Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Sep 27, 2017

100 Ghost Stories Counting Down To Halloween 2017! #35


"...And I looked and behold, a pale horse;
and he that sat upon it was Death..."

“I always have this dream that I’m standing at the top of a ridge and I can see everything from Kapolei to Pearl Harbor and as far as the Honolulu skyline. I can see Diamond head in the distance like it’s just a shadow, but something dark is coming from that direction and whatever it is it’s laying waste to everything. High rises, homes, the green in the mountains, people at home or at work or in their cars, it’s all turning to ash and it’s headed my way. As this dark devastation gets closer I am expecting to see the four horsemen of the apocalypse, but leading the way is a large black car; one of those old Cadillacs,” Detective Takata nervously shared his dream with his colleague Detective Munday.

“Did you see who was driving the Cadillac?” Munday asked.

“It wasn’t so much who was driving the Cadillac as much as who was in it,” Takata looked at Munday with an expression that he had never seen on Takata’s face before, it was fear. “Who Mike? Who was it?” Munday had to know.

“You see Samuel, it was one of those funeral limo type Cadillacs with the two back seats facing one another. In the front and immediate back seat were four men who looked like brothers, they were all dressed in suits and ties, but in the main back seat…….this is a sign Samuel, this is a sign that we have to pull back from these people and leave them alone!” Takata spoke as if he were warning not only detective Munday but himself as well.

“What the hell are you saying, Mike? Who was sitting in the main back seat?” Munday couldn’t take the suspense anymore. This was something unusual for detective Mike Takata because he wasn’t a spiritual person, he lived by the rule of deduction and common sense. So for Mike to come out and talk about a dream he had as if he were foretelling his own death; it had to be something serious.


The detective put a death grip on Munday’s arm like he was trying to balance himself from falling, Munday grabbed him and held him upright. “It was Boy Napualawa,” detective Takata’s tears fell freely and without embarrassment. “Ever since Wong went off the deep end the higher-ups have been talking about going after Boy, but it’s a bad mistake Samuel, a really bad mistake.”



Jose’, Oscar, Manny, and Junior; they were the Rizal brothers. Half Filipino, half Hawaiian, they wore coats and ties and drove a 1970 Cadillac Seville sedan. Always courteous and polite, they were the perfect gentlemen and could always be found at a place called China’s in Lihue. They became the favored regulars at the establishment after the owner's wife was caught having an affair with one of the workers. She and her lover opened their own Chinese restaurant across the street from China’s and put a curse on her former establishment. The Rizal brothers were called in when China’s began to lose customers at an alarming rate. The four arrived and performed a Hawaiian blessing and in less than a day, customer patronage returned ten fold, afterward all was better than well.

What the owners of China’s didn’t know, was that after the blessing of their place, the Rizal brothers went across the street to the restaurant that belonged to the ex-wife and beat her lover with a rolling pin and various other kinds of cutlery while she was forced to watch. He was hardly recognizable afterward, but to emphasize their point, the youngest Rizal brother Junior, shoved toothpicks under the fingernails and toenails of the ex-wife’s paramour until of his own free will, he promised the brothers that he would close the restaurant and move to ‘O’ahu. From then on, the Rizal brothers never paid for another meal at China’s. A short time later, the Rizal brothers were called to a case in Wailua where a waitress became possessed while on the job, her name was Everette Pane and she’d only been on the island for a few months. Another waitress took a short smoke break and saw Everette throwing out the trash in a dumpster and screamed suddenly when all the trash exploded out of the huge red bin. After everything cleared, Everette was possessed by something that made her fall to the pavement and slither around on the ground with her hands to her side. Her eyes turned to a yellowish green color and her tongue suddenly became elongated. She managed to slither into the bar and freak the holy hell out of all of the patrons who frequented the place, they were climbing all over one another and pushing and shoving in order to escape. Just then the Rizal brothers walked in through the front entrance and marched straight over to Everette Pane’s possessed body. Three of the brothers held Everette down while the oldest, Jose’ removed a small bag of sea salt which he poured into the girl’s mouth and held shut. Everette’s body shook and convulsed and at one point it began to vibrate and move across the floor. The brothers never blinked and continued to hold Everette down until whatever it was that possessed her body had finally let go, it was a Mo’o. The waitresses drunk boyfriend assumed that the four young local men were trying to sexually assault his girlfriend and so he puffed up his chest and went over to intervene and scare them. There was an unspoken signal between the brothers when trouble was about to brew her pot. Manny Rizal stood up and met the overzealous boyfriend halfway across the floor and shot a back fist strike to the side of his neck and knocked him out. Without missing a beat, Manny went back to helping his brothers with the impromptu exorcism.

Seated on the other end of the room and watching the exchange that concluded with a Hawaiian chant as the being left the body of the girl, was Aunty Rita Mokiao.



“Since the killing of Edmond Poli things have become a bit more tense with the police department. They left us to ourselves because they always needed help with certain things, however, we are slowly losing that status. This corruption will be at our door sooner than later and not even those good police officers will be able to intervene, so I found protection for us, especially for you Boy. You’re the biggest target, we’re old so we’re expendable, but until that day comes, let me introduce you to our security team,” with that Aunty Rita went to the office door and pulled it back. In walked four young local men dressed in coats and ties, they bowed before Boy, Ivan, and Tiny and kept their heads down until the introductions were done. “These are the Rizal brothers from Kaua'i, I handpicked them myself, Jose’, Oscar, Manny, and Junior,”

Boy looked them over thoroughly before he said anything else, they were all good-looking young men and by the stare in their eyes, it was obvious that they had been through a lot. The oldest wore glasses, the second oldest sported a Mohawk and a goatee, the third wore earring studs and a goofy smile, while the youngest was the most serious looking of the bunch. “Each one of them is well trained in exorcism and in different fighting arts, they are very good young men who are hard working and devoted. On their Hawaiian side, they are descended from the most well-known of the ancient prophets of Kaua'i.” Aunty Rita vouched for them as if they were her own sons.

“Exorcism?” Tiny scoffed. “Don’t let Tabby hear that she’ll lose her cookies.”

“We need to know more about them than just fighting arts and prophets,” Ivan spoke with a degree of skepticism because of how young the brothers were.

“After our parents passed away, we were separated and sent to different foster homes. As soon as I was old enough I was able to find my brothers and we’ve been together since,” Jose’s voice was direct and without any flourish, he was not trying to endear himself to the office, he spoke simple and plain.

“We’re tight,” Oscar agreed. "We don’t talk much because we’re watching, observing, and learning all the time."

“And going fishing whenever we can,” Manny’s goofy smile was a natural part of his personality and a person could not help but like him. “Fishing is important.”

“We disagree sometimes, but whatever that disagreement is, it’s between us, the brothers. No one should get involved, it wouldn’t be safe. Other than that, my brothers and I are at your service sir, night and day, we are here,” Junior bowed again and his brothers followed.

“We’ll see,” Boy finally spoke. “We’ll see.”


Detective Mike Takata tossed and turned in his sleep as his dream carried him back to the ridge where he helplessly watched as the encroaching darkness destroyed everything in its path. It was the face of Boy Napualawa that disturbed him most, the modern day Kahuna sat in the back seat of the Cadillac and stared directly at Mike Takata with a wild look in his eyes, "I'm coming for you Mike, I'm coming."

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