Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Sep 8, 2017

100 Ghost Stories Counting Down To Halloween 2017! #54


"This shape is my shade, there where I used to stand"

Blessings as a whole are quite simple, mostly for official store openings or military ceremonies. Other times it's a placebo that brings people peace of mind and comfort just to see the ti-leaf and the wooden bowl of water filled with Hawaiian salt. Other times a blessing is performed as part of a wedding ceremony or for the naming of a toddler or a one-year baby party.
More often than not, a cleansing is meant to relieve someone of a kind of burden which troubles their thoughts or it is an unresolved past issue that has become like a tremendous weight on their shoulders. These are common place events which I am asked to perform, but then there is a particular kind of clientele which I refer to as the five percenters. They are the ones who are being affected by circumstances which are so serious that they have exhausted all avenues of help and are desperate for a solution. When I am asked to assist in such situations, I make it a point to speak with all parties involved, oh and if you have not already guessed, I am speaking of a house or family that are being affected by poltergeist activity that is so serious that objects are flying about the home and shadows are seen by all occupants who live or work in said place. The events are beginning to have an adverse effect on their ability to function through the day without fearing that some strange event may occur at any given moment.

Such a thing took place earlier this evening when we were called to perform a cleansing at a location where the activity was so horrendous that the business owners were losing clientele on a daily basis. The owner intimated to us that video evidence was shared with him which showed the shadow of a tall man walking about the establishment alone, going from location to location as if he were lost. Others have seen this shadow materialize as a tall man with a weather-worn face who seemed forlorn. People said that meeting his ghost was unsettling as he vacillated from appearing transparent and then solid and transparent again. His ghost would sometimes manifest in the women's bathroom where he would walk up to a stall and rattle the door with such force that the poor females who were on the toilet at the time thought that the door was going to come off of its hinges. Of course, they would see afterward that there was no one in the bathroom at all. In the course of our blessing and walk through, we discovered by our communication with the spirit that he was upset because he was bound to that location. At first, he was upset at himself, but through the years as the place changed ownership he would get more upset because he didn't like change. When asking this man's spirit why he was bound here, his reply was that he had hung himself from a pipe which once ran along the ceiling of the establishment. His body was not discovered until the next morning when the owners came in, it turned out that he was the old maintenance man who was caught one evening by a security guard doing drugs and other nefarious things on the premises with underage boys. Fearing the result of what his misdeeds might earn him once he was judged by the law, he chose to take his own life in the very place where he worked. He thought that taking his own life would also free him from his sins, instead, the act of suicide cemented his fate, he was stuck.  He was a ghost that was racked with eternal grief and regret for it was I who had the unfortunate duty of telling him that there was no blessing or cleansing that could free him. Suicide in some philosophies is viewed as a mortal sin, resigning the sinner to suffer in an eternal limbo; which in his case is an old department store wracked with a constant turn over of owners. It ended up becoming his own personal hell.

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