Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Oct 13, 2018

100 Ghost Stories Counting Down To Halloween 2018 #18


With his newly acquired position as the supervisor of his division, Yuta now had the financial means to buy a new house for his family. It was a two-story home built in 1921 and it sat just above the last block of the Kaimuki tract.
From the second floor, Yuta and his wife could see the Palehua range on the west side and part of the Campbell estate land. His life had become a complete contrast from the time of his gambling and womanizing. He had something tangible that was worthwhile and there was nothing he would ever trade this for. The house sat in the middle of a large lot which was surrounded by lush green grass; a rarity in the red dirt filled Kaimuki area. Below, he could see his two little boys running around the yard with their wooden airplanes and it made him smile. It was Joy who first saw the black puffs of smoke in the distance followed by the disturbing booms which followed after. "It looks like Dragonflies" Joy said with a foreboding wonder.

They would soon find out that what they witnessed was Pearl Habor being bombed by Japanese planes; America was plunged into the Pacific war. Japanese Amercian citizens would soon fall under suspicion as being possible conspirators with the enemy. Thousands would be sent away to internment camps around the United States and Hawaii. Joy and the two boys Horace and Jerry were also taken away. Yuta, as a show of, patriotism enlisted in the Army and joined one of the all Japanese units. In 1944 while fighting in a rescue effort in the Vosges mountains, Yuta was badly wounded and it did not seem as if he were going to survive. Believing that his life was soon to end, he could only think of his wife and sons. Caught in between the haze of excruciating pain and deep sorrow, he saw someone approaching. His vision was a blur but he saw the person sit on the ground next to him. How odd that this person had no care for the bullets flying around, the stranger placed his hand on Yuta's shoulder as if to rouse him from a deep sleep. That is when Yuta's vision cleared and he thought he saw the old Hawaiian man sitting next to him.

"Come to collect old man? I cannot give you anything now, you have to wait," Yuta's voice was hoarse and dry.

"Yuta, you have to make a choice. I can save your life and you will survive the war...but Joy and your sons will not be there to greet you. As we speak, she is about to commit ritual suicide; she is going to the next world to save her family honor and she is going to take your boys with her. Or, you can die and a man will find Joy just in the nick of time and she and your sons will live. She will fall in love with that man who saves her and she will live a long happy life. It's either or.....I cannot do both." The old Hawaiian man offered.

"But about what I owe you...?" Yuta croaked and struggled with his pain.

"I'll come to collect later. Which fate do you choose Yuta? Time is very short, you have to decide." The old Hawaiian man regarded Yuta closely who lay there with his blood staining his face. He closed his eyes once, and when he opened them, his choice was made. be continued

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