Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Oct 5, 2018

100 Ghost Stories Counting Down To Halloween 2018 #26


The afternoon sun left a shimmering spectrum of light on her wedding gown that it made her appear otherworldly. It was not a material he immediately recognized but never the less, his soon to be bride wore it beautifully.
There was a hush in the church as she floated down the aisle toward him. His side of the family filled less than half of their side of the congregation while hers took up the rest of the pews, folded out chairs and booster seats. The rest lined the walls. Through their body language, it was clear that his family was visibly shaken by her family because they all glared at his relatives from across the aisle. When she was finally by his side with only the Reverend between them, he could not help but ask her, "What's wrong with your family? They look like they want to kill my family.......did we do something wrong?"

"No, they're just hungry. It's a gypsy thing." She reassured him.

"I can't get over your gown, it's such a filmy substance. Where have I seen it before?" The Reverend stepped in between them before the bride could answer. With each sentence of the vows beginning at one point and ending at the other, her side of the family inched closer to the aisle while his side visibly shaken, recoiled another inch away. Finally the 'I do' and the kiss was exchanged and her family let out a deep sigh. "Dear, what is the material of this gown made from?" He asked eagerly.

"Why my love, it's made from fine spider silk," she smiled.

"Spider silk? I don't understand?" He was thoroughly confused.

"Yes, the silk of a thousand spiders," she confirmed.

"How is that possible?" The light had not yet come on and so his bride removed her gown in order that he could see that her body was covered by a thousand fist-sized spiders.

"Now, if you don't mind, my children and my family are hungry," she raised her hands in the air and clapped them together so loudly that the sharp sound of her open palms crashing into one another startled him. In the next second her family had all morphed into giant spiders as did she. The fist-sized spiders jumped from her body and raced towards the living and breathing members of the grooms family in order to aide in their taking and consuming human flesh. She saved him for last by carrying him up to the church rafters where she sucked out most of his blood it seems. When she was done she hung him to lay there so that any member of her family could have a meal when it so moved them. "If only you understood," she whispered to her mummified groom. "Gossamer is another name for a fine web made by spiders like myself."

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