Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Oct 2, 2018

100 Ghost Stories Counting Down To Halloween 2018 #29


JANUARY 29, 1891.

A wind stirs from nothing at the point of Mokapu and filters along the ahupua'a past pu'u o kaha'i. The warm air from the marsh rises up to meet the phantom wind and carries it mauka until it takes a slight pause between Konahuanui and Lanihuli as if contemplating its next direction.
Swirling effectively enough to capture a swath of fine misty rains, the wind quickly makes its way down the valley of Nu'uanu. It bows its head while it passes the deep forests of Waokanaka and Luakaha and bows again as it acknowledges Ma'ema'e and Mauana'ala. Eventually wrapping itself around Awaiolimua and Puowaina, it skirts through the Dominis property until it finally passes the gate behind the 'Iolani Palace known as Hakaleleponi. Gaining its momentum it climbs the back steps of the royal house just as a servant is opening the door. The few people who stand on the front balcony as they watch the large party gleefully walking arm in arm smile warmly as the last of them wait at the Kauikeaouli entrance for the celebratory party to arrive. The royal king's ship has returned and a large contingency has gone to greet him and welcome him home. The wind again changes course and finds its way up the stairs. There it sees, the ever beautiful Queen standing on the second story balcony eager to behold the sight of her husband's royal carriage as it returns him to her after so long. When the carriage arrives there are no cries and shouts of glee, instead there are mournful cries of desperate and unexpected grief. The horse-drawn carriage bore her high born husband through the royal gates of the palace but not as one who sits to acknowledge his beloved subjects, but as a corpse who lay in a wooden box. Unknown to the queen, her beloved husband passed away nine days previous at the palace hotel in San Francisco. Her legs go weak with shock, she is nearly about to fall when the wind rushes its arms around her and comforts her as much as is possible with its soothing embrace.


JANUARY 29, 2018

The front gates to the palace are closed around 9:30 pm. All other gates are closed at the hour of 11:00 pm. The rest of the night is quiet and easy, but not tonight. The older more experienced palace security guard sits in his golf cart with his new charge next to him. The vehicle is positioned just inside the Kauikeaouli gate. From where they sit they are able to view the front of the palace completely. On the second story balcony, they spy a lone figure of a woman dressed in a dark colored gown. Her body wavers back and forth and she cries mournfully.

"I hate this time of year," the older security guard says.

"Why?" The young charge asked as he watched the ephemeral figure shudder with heartbreak.

"Cause we have to witness this every year," the older guard stated. "It breaks my heart."

"Who is she?" The younger one inquires with sincere intent. "Should we go get her?"

"She was the queen whose king never returned alive," the older guard confirmed. "And no, we're not going to get her because we can't make her leave. This is her home and we are the strangers."

The younger guard draws back from the older one, his face aghast. He has witnessed his first ghost.

"All we can do is allow her to grieve and let her be..."

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