Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Oct 17, 2018

100 Ghost Stories Counting Down To Halloween 2018 #14


He saw his own death and he didn't do anything to try and change his destiny. Rather, he determined to help those people in his vision who he saw die around him. Perhaps he'd be able to save them. In the vision, he was on a flight. There was an offshore storm that happened to make landfall just as the plane was about to touch down. The downdraft slammed the plane into the ground and snapped it in two. In the vision, he and several other people were ejected from the plane while still strapped into their seats. They were thrown several hundred feet away from the plane and died on impact when they hit the ground. He'd had this dream several times before but it's visitation increased during the week of his flight out.

The afternoon had come when he stood at the airport gate awaiting his flight. He'd been presented with many opportunities along the way to delay the flight, he could have unholstered a gun from one of the airport's security or he could have rested the steel french fry basket from one of the burger king kiosks. He realized it wouldn't work, he'd either be killed or taken away to jail. So, he bided his time.
The flight arrived and everyone boarded without incident; when the flight reached it's elevation and leveled out, he unbuckled himself and went for the emergency exit. It was his one and only hope. Pretend  to open the emergency exit, they'll have to turn the plane around and go back. However, there were much too many good samaritans on the plane. After he fought off the flight attendants. the passengers came after him and beat him to a pulp. When he awoke, it was to the voice of the captain who said that the flight would be landing shortly. He directed all attendants to take their seats. He mentioned a bit of a storm they were flying through but that everything should be fine. Everything was until the plane was struck by a tremendous downdraft that slammed the craft to the ground with such brutal force that it snapped in two. The front half went in one direction and the back half went off in another. He and the people around him were catapulted from where their seats were fastened with such savage speed that they had no time to think. A hundred yards later, some were slammed to the pavement on the runway. Others landed with such force that they were thrown off of their chairs while still strapped in. Body parts and torsos would be found several more hundred feet from the impact. As for him, he was found on a thick grassy area uninjured. He really didn't appear to be dead so much as he seemed to be asleep, almost as if he were dreaming.

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