Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Oct 29, 2018

100 Ghost Stories Counting Down To Halloween 2018 #2


All these years later the name of the location escapes me, but as a child, I heard a story regarding a missionary who had come to the Wai'anae coast to relieve the native Hawaiians in that locale of their savage ways.
However, we must begin this story as it applies to today's circumstances and then journey our way backward. In recent months, construction has taken place on the Leeward coast for a new kind of building to be raised in an otherwise close community. Needless to say, the locals in the area are not happy about the project and neither are the spirits. The injuries to the construction workers are very specific in that they have all suffered head trauma. A plank mysteriously fell on a worker walking past a platform with a pile of the wood on it. According to the eyewitnesses, the weighted down piece of two by four shot out from under the pile and fell directly on his head. In another incident, two workers got into a fight when suddenly one worker hit the other on the forehead with a hammer thus killing him. A supervisor was shot in the skull by a stray nail from a nail gun. However, it was only when a forklift accidentally beheaded a site supervisor that action was taken. Many blessings were performed but nothing seemed to quell the accidents or appease the spirits. This brings us back to the beginning of our story. As a child, I'd heard of a missionary who came to the Wai'anae area to spread the word of God to the natives. An Ali'i in the area had his men build the missionary his own hale where he could study the word of his god. Soon, the missionary had converts who were from the paramount Ali'i's lesser line of servants.. One morning the missionary hears a commotion outside of his hale. He sees the Ali'i with two large men holding on to massive sized wooden clubs that look like they are shaped from the gnarled roots of a mighty tree. Kneeling before them are the servants that the missionary had just converted. The Ali'i gives the two men a signal, to which they begin to bash in the backs of every servant's skull. They are killed on the spot.

The missionary is surprised at the Ali'i's command of English who intimates to him that he was allowed to have his house to worship his god. He was never given permission to make converts of the Ali'i's own people who already had their own gods to worship. Since that time, no building has ever been successfully erected in that one particular locale in Wai'anae.

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