Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Jan 8, 2022

Bounce 2022

 The security guard at the all-girls school said that there were many nights when he heard the sound of several basketballs dribbling (bouncing) inside the school gym.

When he arrived, he opened the doors and turned the lights on. It stopped, and of course, there was not a Spalding basketball to be seen. This happened more often than he cared to mention. One night, frustrated and ready to quit, he called the police. When the officers came, the security guard was already waiting with the caretaker of the all-girls school. The door to the gym was open, and it was dark inside, but every person in attendance could hear the sound of basketballs bouncing in the gym. The officers entered the gym with flashlights drawn, but they weren't in there for very long. They came running out, and one officer claimed that someone or something beaned him with a basketball so hard that it left a bruised impression on his calf. They left immediately after that. Things felt hopeless. After that night, the activity in the gym stopped, and the next few months were very peaceful and quiet. The security guard got through his evening shifts without incident.

Then suddenly, one night, he heard it again. A singular basketball bouncing in the gym, but it didn't have the cavernous resonance like before. Instead, it gave off a dull thud each time. Perhaps it wasn't a poltergeist-induced basketball bouncing on its own? Maybe it was a flesh and blood intruder? The security guard went to check, and when he pulled back the doors to the gym, it was pitched black, and no one was there. He searched thoroughly and found nothing and no one. Finally, leaving the gym and pushing the double shut before he could secure them and lock everything up, something came flying at him and struck him on the middle of his chest and knocked him down. Catching his breath, his hands rubbed the spot where he was hit and felt some kind of wet liquid. It was blood. Laying next to him was the severed head of a Hawaiian man.

Screaming bloody murder, the security ran from the school grounds and kept going until he reached the intersection of Kapahulu and Kalākaua. He had to get to a well-lit area; he didnʻt want to be anywhere that was dark. So imagine the security guard's horror when he later found out that the all-girls school sits on the grounds of an ancient temple of human sacrifice. One where the heads of conquered enemies were chopped off and mounted on stakes along the wall of old heiau. If you think about it, itʻs like a horror movie. An all-girls school sitting on the foundation of an ancient temple of human sacrifice? Interesting. 

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