Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Jan 9, 2022

Signs 2022

 Lydia Maynard's Hawai'i Kai home showed all the signs of being actively occupied by spirits.

The whole gamut, a strange aroma, disembodied voices, knocks, apparitions, candle flames turning blue. For some reason, when experts came to her home, nothing happened; on their video footage, nothing would manifest. Then, one day, a niece of hers who Lydia hadn't seen for a long while showed up on her front door with nothing to her name. She was Ruby, and she'd fallen on hard times and was counting on the charity of her aunt until she could get back on her feet. Ruby immediately began to experience the same things that her aunt Lydia did. The older woman was so relieved to know that she had not gone crazy and that hers was not a singular experience. It was almost maudlin how much the activity made itself known to the two women as if it were giving them a private show. Except now, blinding flashes of light added themselves to the paranormal menagerie. The two women could not sleep, eat, move about, function, or live in the house without some measure of paranormal activity again and again. Lydia hadn't the means to sell the home and move, there was much too much to renovate, and she'd have to take a loss if she sold the house. And so she and Ruby stayed in the home that wouldn't stop haunting itself.


It was a well-known and well-spoken urban legend. Lydia Maynard disappeared in her Hawai'i Kai house, never to be seen again. After a time, her only niece Ruby Maynard entered the home searching for her aunt and was also never seen again. Today, the house is abandoned but is the hub of many paranormal investigations. Most bothersome are those investigators who use those bright flashbulbs.

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