Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Jan 16, 2022

Kānuku 2022

It surfaced in the middle of the Kawaiahaʻo church graveyard.

Of course, we were not supposed to be there because everything was closed up since the pandemic. Weʻd been watching the security guard for the past few weeks until we got his routine down pat. He sure smoked a lot of weed on the job, but heʻs watching over a graveyard. By his body language, we could tell that he didnʻt want to be there any more than he had to. Maybe getting stoned on the job was his way of dealing with his fear. So, all we had to do was wait until the pungent aroma of marijuana wafted through the air, and we hopped over the fence and got as many pictures as we could until we had to leave once the smell went away. Then, weʻd wait until the next round. It was a good routine, and it worked out mainly for us. However, one night, we didnʻt know that a new guard was on duty.

The previous one got fired for apparent reasons. It was well past two in the morning when the lights in the church went on, and an enormous spotlight was cast on the graveyard. The next thing we know, someone is chasing us, but we canʻt see anyone in pursuit. Yet, we can hear the heavy thundering feet get closer and a voice urging us to run faster! "Hurry up!" It said. "Get out before you get caught!" We looked back again, and there it was, a white funnel cloud right on our tails! Iʻm pretty sure we hit warp speed at that point and could not have jumped any higher over the fence on the Punchbowl side of the graveyard. We got out of there, and we never went back.

Photo Credit-ghostsandgravestones

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