Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Jan 17, 2022

House 2022

The place was one of the few homes in Kaimuki with vinyl sidings.

I never liked the texture of it, it felt weird and un-nerving for lack of a better word, yet there it was, like a model house on a pedestal. Throughout its history, and I can't tell you how long that house had been there, it was rife with a couple of suicides, domestic battery cases, and one murder. Yet each time, the house would have new tenants not too long after. It's the ridiculous cost of living, I suppose. These are desperate times, and I guess people are willing to overlook such things just so that they can have a place to live. A month ago, the newest couple moved in; I saw the husband and wife coming out to retrieve their garbage bins one morning. They both were very pale and had dark shadows under their eyes. They looked like they hadn't gotten much sleep, or maybe they were keeping vampire hours.

"Good morning!" I called out and waved. 

They did their best to be hospitable and wave back. "Good morning," the couple replied.

 "How do you like the place? I asked. 

"It's got ghosts," the husband said. "We're dealing with it." 

"Have you thought about having the place blessed?" I was curious now. 

"We have," the wife replied. "But, we don't want to make whatever is here angrier than it already is."

"Understandable," I nodded. "So, what do you think might be a good solution?"

"Put up with it, live our lives," the husband shrugged his shoulders.

"They don't really bother us, so we don't bother them," the wife chimed in.

"Well, you both have a good day," I waved and went back into my house. The couple did the same thing. They turned and went back into their house and left the garbage bins right where they were. They almost made it to a month. The ghostly manifestations proved to be too much for Craig and Cheryl Toyama. Because they were not religious people, they knew of no one to go to for help or what kind of prayers they should offer to protect themselves. The manifestations permeated every aspect of their lives, which meant their jobs, the gym and right down to family gatherings, and even going shopping. So, with no options left, they took their own lives and have now become an addition to a menagerie of spirits in a haunted house with vinyl sidings in Kaimuki. I'll bet if you do some thorough research, you'll be able to narrow down which house it is. It's near the library.

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