Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Jan 13, 2022

Restroom 2022

 Shopping malls are always crowded as a standard unwritten rule or maybe by an official rule.

The mall in question has a food court where next to the McDonald's is a hallway that leads to the bathrooms. The women's restroom is always crowded with employees from some of the various eateries and customers, but most pre-teen and teenaged girls. A group of young girls from 'Ewa beach were piled together in front of the bathroom mirror, excitedly applying their make with giddy delight as each of their boyfriends hung out in the food court awaiting their return. They didn't hear the door to the bathroom stall open behind them. Neither did they notice in the reflection of the mirror a girl in the Catholic school uniform quietly emerge from the space. She stood behind them, not saying a word. That is until Florinda Aguire looked up and noticed the girl in passing glance, not really looking at her. She did a double-take and saw how ashen the girl's skin was and then noticed the dark circles under her eyes. She saw the girl's reflection in the mirror, but there was no one there. Then she looked next to her; Florinda's blood-curdling scream was perhaps the best scream in the history of blood-curdling screams. It reached a decibel of the eardrum-bursting kind of decibel that was so painful that it stopped her friends' mid-application of their make-up. The group of 'Ewa beach girls finally saw the strange waif in her Catholic school uniform slowly raise her forearms, with the underside up. There were deep, ugly gouges from the elbow pocket to the wrist, stained with caked over, dried blood. "Am I good enough, you guys? Am I good enough to be your friend?" she croaked.

The girls ran screaming from the bathroom and caused such a big commotion that security and HPD were called to investigate said restroom. They found nothing. However, the sightings of the pale Catholic schoolgirl with the gouged-out wrists happened so frequently afterward that the mirrors were removed from the women's restroom.

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