Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Oct 1, 2017

100 Ghost Stories Counting Down To Halloween 2017! #31


The day began early with a business meeting and an unexpected hike in my business clothes. The heat is unforgiving and with the shape, I'm in which is not good, I'm surprised I wasn't dropped by a cardiac. Afterward, we had a well-needed meal since we did not have time to take in some breakfast before we left the house. The a/c was very welcoming and the new waitress with her inability to properly place a fork, spoon, and knife on a napkin did not bother us at all. My wife and I exchanged talk regarding business and family matters which are one and the same practically.
We departed for home once we rectified the bill and continued to address further business concerns until we again left to meet a friend of ours in order to record a promo video for an upcoming project. On the way back home we stopped to get dog food and other items and from then we found a small pocket of time with which we used to relax. As the evening approached, I kissed my wife goodbye and left for a podcast interview which for all accounts and purposes went very well, I then departed for an 8 pm ghost tour that despite the suffocating humidity, went very well. Mind you, the running content of the entire day concerned ghosts and the stories to tell about them, zombies and demons and how our state of being has an effect on our ability to perceive them or harbor disbelief about them. Should I have been surprised then, that when I returned to my car and started it up and turned my head to look out of the rearview mirror, that I saw the fully formed apparition of an infant child seated in my granddaughter's car chair? Some of you may not be bothered by such a thing but this gave me pause as the ghostly toddler looked at me and waved and let out a big toothless smile. A nanosecond later, she slowly faded into nothing but her smile did not. I had to take a second and stop the car and get out and do a thorough search of the vehicle. There was no one there except for myself, but yet the aroma of a child just at the end of her bath permeated the air as did it's flesh and blood appearance. Even as I sit here typing at 1:35 am  I find my skin crawling as the baby's face, with closed eyes and a natural smile haunts my early morning. Will she be about tomorrow?

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