Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Sep 7, 2022

Hana Pa'a 2022

During the shutdown's first phase three years ago, a dear friend came down with Covid.

The situation was dire, and he was not going to make it. His wife got his affairs together while the rest of his family prepared for the worst. Miraculously, at the very last second, he recovered. When he was fully healthy, he returned to work per his doctor's approval. However, he was met with unusual silence and heavy trepidation. No one would go near him, much less acknowledge him. He was met with the same hesitancy when walking to his boss's office. In fact, his boss cowered away from him as he took a step forward. He asked his boss, "What the hell is this? Everybody is acting like I got a disease or something! I'm clean! I'm 100% recovered!"

"That's not what it is," his boss told him.

"Then what the hell is it?" He demanded.

"The day your wife came in and told all of us that you weren't going to make it, you showed up, and you confirmed what your wife said," his boss began. "Her and all of us completely freaked out because you looked like you were at death's door. But, then, you vanished right in front of all of us. So, please understand why we're acting the way we are."

"Crisis apparition," I told him. In extraordinary times of stress or dire circumstances, a person can unknowingly project his apparition to appear in front of people he or she loves. "You were in crisis when they saw you, near death."

He let out a long sigh, "I remember dreaming that I was soon to die, and I had to tell everyone I knew about what was happening, especially at work. But shit, I thought it was a dream!"

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