Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Sep 8, 2022

Hoʻokahi Wale Nō 2022

 Boy bought out the Chinese restaurant in Kaimuki for the night.

After serving his food, the manager and her entire staff could not have left any faster. 

"Should I lock the front door?" One of the waiters asked before making his exit.

"No point," Boy replied. "But if it makes you feel better, you can lock the door anyway."

After securing all the doors, the waiter left through the back entrance. In the meantime, Boy enjoyed his hot tea. An occasional person or persons would thud up against the front door once they realized it was locked. Boy ignored them and continued to sip his tea. The restaurant phone would ring, and the voicemail came on in Cantonese. The voices on the other side droned on regarding whatever reason the person was calling for. Next to Boy's tea cup was a slightly larger cup filled with grains of uncooked rice. It seemed out of place on a table filled with fried or cooked food. Yet, there it was. 

"Eating alone," the voice came from behind him. "Food won't stay hot for long."

"It's not for me," Boy said. Simultaneously, the middle-aged Chinese man wearing a tweed coat, purple shirt, and a brown tie with corduroy pants and loafers walked around the table until he stood opposite where Boy sat.

"No invite to sit?" The Chinese man asked. 

"You've already been invited to be in this restaurant; not by me, of course, but what more do you need?" Boy asked.

"So, no invite to sit?" The Chinese man asked again. This time he smiled, revealing his fangs.

Boy took the cup of dried rice and threw the contents on the floor; the Chinese man's demeanor changed suddenly as he dropped to his knees and began counting the rice grains. At the same time, Boy sprung to his feet and, with blinding speed, unleashed to swordfish bill knife from his coat pocket and decapitated the Chinese man's head from his body. The grip and cut were underhand, one that Boy practiced for thousands of hours until he could execute the movement with clean precision. Tabby appeared from the back room along with Rita, Tiny, and Ivan. The Rizal brothers came in from the opposite direction, with Jose and Oscar securing the headless form in a body bag while Manny and Junior took the head and burned it out. Having a seat at the table, Tabby reached across and examined her father closely. "You didn't even break a sweat, and there's no blood on you. You feel ok?"

"I'm fine," he assured his daughter. "Have a seat," he gestured to the chairs. "Let's eat; the brothers will join us in a minute. So go ahead and eat."

Ivan, Tiny, and Rita took their seats and filled their bowls with steamed rice and various other delights.

"So this Vampire was local?" Ivan asked.

"No, he was made in San Francisco while on vacation," Boy replied. 

"What about his maker?" Rita asked. "Are we going to do anything about him?"

"Guys, let's enjoy our dinner, and we can talk business later, alright?" The Rizals walked in just then and took their seats at the table. 

"Thank you so much," the four chorused together and bowed to Boy before partaking in the food. Sure, they had to do something about the vampire who made Troy Wong. That goes without saying because vampires cannot get a foothold in the Hawaiian islands. That would be worse than any disease that ever swept through the archipelago. For now, it was important that they spend this time as a family before things got incredibly busy. 

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