Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Sep 16, 2022

Kēia Mua Aku 2022

 During elementary school, I used to make fun of this girl named Dʻarby Kaholoiki.

She used to sit in the jungle gym every recess and sing the little mermaid song in full show mode. Some kids loved it so much that they would join in. Others thought Dʻarby was crazy, which is why they left her alone. I thought it was all so ridiculous that I felt it needed to stop. I teased her mercilessly to the point where she would cry and have a severe breakdown. Her friends cornered me one day and held me down so Dʻarcy could beat the shit out of me, but all she did was cry and run away. So, her friends did it for her. In our sixth grade year, she moved away, and I did not see her for a long while. Now it's years later, and I am a fully functioning semi-adult checking myself in for a doctor's appointment at Kaiser to make sure that all the pipes are working correctly. After being satisfied that all the information on the form I filled out was correct, the nurse said to me, "Have a seat, Mr. Lau. Doctor Kaholoiki will be right with you,"

"Kaholoiki?" I replied. "I went to school with a Dʻarby Kaholoiki,"

"That's your doctor today, Mr. Lau. Have a seat; we'll call for you when she's ready to see you," the nurse and her clipboard disappeared into the back hallway. Wow, who knew that Dʻarby would become a doctor of all things? I guess you never know, huh?

"Mr. Lau," the nurse peaked her head out. "She'll see you now,"

The hallway leading to Dʻarby's office was a tight fight, which I thought was strange. It's like it was made for people with a more petite frame than mine. I entered the tiny space, and there she was, Dʻarby Kaholoiki. 

"Have a seat, Mr. Lau. Let's get a good look at you before we begin," the tone of her voice sounded like that of my mother's seconds before she was going to whip my ass for yet another infraction. After much prodding and poking and draining of my blood, she concluded by saying, "There's a hospital gown behind that partition there. If you wouldn't mind changing into it and coming back out here, we can conclude your examination for today,"

I did exactly what she asked, all the while thinking that she didn't remember me. That's good because that means we don't have to have an awkward conversation about everything that happened in the past. I changed into the hospital gown and returned to where she stood. "Lay on your side on the table here and put your right leg in front of your left, like you're bringing your knee up to your chest but not all the way," she instructed. I did precisely that, and then she said, "There's gonna be a cold feeling, but it will pass in a second." 

She was right, the cold feeling did pass, but that feeling was right on my butt hole. The next thing I knew, her two fingers were up inside me, and she was prodding around like the inside of my anus was a peanut butter jar, and she was looking for some kind of surprise. The tip of her fingers hit a particular spot, giving me a raging erection. I was surprised and instantly embarrassed and covered it, my privates, with my hands. 

"Ooop! Sorry," she giggled. "It does happen sometimes, don't be embarrassed," she reassured me. "Just a few more passes, and we are good," I could hear her removing the plastic gloves and throwing them in the waste basket when she was finally done. The water came on in the small sink where she washed her hands. "You can change back into your regular clothes, Mr. Lau. Go see the nurse after so you can schedule your next appointment."

I said nothing. I went behind the partition, changed clothes, and made my way out of the examination room, not trying to make eye contact with Dʻarby. "It was good to see you again, Henry," she smiled. 

"You too," I replied sheepishly. "Have a good day,"

"Oh, it was not a good day before," she chuckled, "but it is now."

Needless to say, I did not schedule another appointment.

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