Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Sep 2, 2022

Pā 2022

Congratulations were the order of the afternoon because of Selena's accomplishment in signing twenty new clients for their unique health care products at Hololmua Mana Power Drinks within fifteen minutes.

The office was brand new and not fully functional as most of the furniture and other tech equipment had not been installed yet. Most staff were hesitant to move into the old building on Merchant street because of its reputation for being haunted. No matter, hugs and pats on the back were due to Selena, and she gladly accepted them. Then, with encouraging words from the boss to follow Selena's example and support one another's success, everyone went back to their desks and dug in deep to acquire more potential clients on their own. Selena took it all in, it was a bit overwhelming, but no matter what, she could not take the time to relax. She had to work even harder to ensure her company's goal of reaching one hundred clients by the end of the day. 

"Ho'opomaikaʻi iā ʻoe," the deep voice spoke in Hawaiian, and there was the feeling of a warm, nurturing hand patting her on the shoulder. Until now, Selena did not know anyone in the office who spoke Hawaiian. A tremendous burden lifted off her shoulders, and the sound of her own native tongue filled her heart with warmth. She eagerly turned and responded.

"Oh, mahalo nui iā ʻoe," only to find no one there. Yet, the feeling of the warm, nurturing hand was still on Selena's shoulder, patting it and then gently rubbing it. The blood-curdling scream startled everyone; most came running from their cubicles, including the boss. They found Selena in a fetal position against the corner of her cubicle, with her back facing them. An enormous detailed hand print was on the back of her right shoulder, on her lite-colored yellow blouse. More than likely, the disembodied spirit meant no harm. I think it just wanted to get in on the love fest and congratulate the young Hawaiian girl for her accomplishment. Even if it meant her becoming mentally unhinged. Great way to make an impression.

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