Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Sep 17, 2022

X-Large 2022

I was bothered by the noise because it made me feel weird.

I can't honestly describe it except that it's unsettling enough to wake you from a deep sleep and bring you to your feet in a state of panic. It was like that every night, just around the time before all the daily life noises start an hour before sunrise, like traffic, garbage trucks, delivery vehicles, and the like. It's not the sound of an animal or a human. I can't correctly give it a name, but when it does make that noise, it vibrates through the carpet. I know this because all the dust rises from the carpet and everything else. The cabinet doors down the hallway begin to shake until the whole apartment is one vibrating mess, and then it stops. This continued for nearly a month until one night, I decided not to sleep but stay awake until the noise manifested itself and revealed to me the origin and cause of its origin. The night was long but not uneventful as I sat and watched many different movies and episodes of differing television series. Then, I heard it at the precise moment, and the darkest pitch of night was making way for the first light of day. It was unnatural, this growling, gurgling, nearly human-like sound that had not reached its complete evolution but was still on the precipice of its predatory animalistic nature. It was coming from me.

I was possessed. be continued

Credit: News18

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