Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Sep 25, 2022

ʻIole 2022

 As stories like these go, a group of errant teenagers pooled their Venmo money together and bought an ouija board online.

Life went on in their teenage universe with online gaming, manga, and endless amounts of content for social media. When the ouija board finally arrived, they tore it out of the box, tossed the cautionary instructions, and set the board on the living room floor, where they gathered about it, placing their fingertips on the planchette. They had not yet uttered the proverbial question that all ouija board users are wont to ask because the planchette began moving on its own. 

"I am the spirit of this house, an old man in the body of a rat," it spelled.

"A rat?" One of the girls repeated out loud. The rest of her companions shushed her to be silent.

"You will hear me scuttling around in the walls; that is I," as if on cue, scurrying, scratching, and squeaking could be heard behind the nearest wall where they sat. They screamed with such a high pitch that the sound began to shake the delicate wine glasses in the dishwasher. Calming themselves, they once again applied their fingertips to the planchette. 

"Idiots," the planchette said.

"Shit," one of the teenagers expressed dread in that one word. "This apartment is made entirely of concrete; there are no rats in this building."

"Then what the fuck is making that noise?" The more stout one of the group demanded.

"Demon," the planchette spelled. "Me,"

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