Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Oct 11, 2021

100 Ghost Stories Counting Down To Halloween 2021 #20

 There's a spot I was called to because the people who worked there couldn't get the job done because of the spirits that were actively making everyone's life miserable.

They needed them to be put to rest, not sent away because the establishment owners felt that banishing the spirits would be disrespectful since they were there long before the business ever opened. It's a state facility that I was called to. It's one of those old type buildings that have the history vibrating right off of it. The problem was having to sift through all that psychic residue to get to the root of it all. It took most of the day, but once I hit pay dirt, the truth of the matter was heavier than I thought. The place used to be the old gallows, where young men in their prime were executed by hanging. Single bachelors on a weekend payday in Chinatown on Hotel street, Bethel, Nu'uanu.

Thrown into jail for less than petty crimes over the weekend, and on Monday, sentenced to be hung to death by military judges presiding over a non-military courtroom because of a shortage of qualified judges. They were all here, in this space, and very angry. It was overwhelming, to say the least, but as each spirit came forward, I let them know that all the pain and suffering was gone, and they could pass on to the light. I did not allow any low-level spirits to be present because they usually impede the process. Most of those spirits passed, while others chose to remain. Once that was done, I was too exhausted to move, and I needed to sit for a second. Before I knew it, I nodded off for what I thought was only a second, when in fact, it was already dawn. Cars were pulling into the parking lot, and people ambled to their offices, while others took their dogs on morning walks before officially beginning their day.

I got myself together and walked to my car just in the nick of time. Meter readers were now walking through the parking lot, ensuring that everyone had paid for their time. I hit the shower once I got home, and afterward, I fell into bed, ready to get some shut-eye. Funny how, when everything is slowing down and your mind and body begin to relax, you suddenly recall something that you forgot to do. For me, that was closing everything out and putting any residual leftover spirits to rest. I didn't do that at all. I fell asleep at the location and left immediately once I woke up. The sudden weight on my chest as I was smashed into my mattress left me no time to scream. It just pushed the air out of me. My wrists and ankles were held down by unseen hands. Another pair of hands had me around the throat. It squeezed its death grip enough to where I felt I would pass out, then it let go. Then it would squeeze again, tighter and tighter each time. Wait, I was wrong. These were not hands. It was a noose, a hangman's noose. All at once, the unseen assault took form. First, they were phantom-like, then they manifested to complete form. The hangmen, the ones who pulled the lever. I hadn't considered that as living men, that they too could have left the traumatic psychic imprint of their jobs in that same state-building as well. The spirits of these particular executioners were the ones who enjoyed their jobs a bit too much. "I..send you to the light, pass..through the light," I choked, spat, and drooled all over myself. "You..are..forgiven..pass on to the are forgiven," I assured them. "Pass have suffered enough..go to the light.."

Cool air filled my room to its capacity, and one by one, they let go, each exhaling a sigh of relief as they went. The bruises around my throat, and wrists, and ankles slowly dissipated one by one. "I'm sorry I forgot you...forgive me as can go to the light. Your loved ones are waiting for you."

The silence in the aftermath helped me realize one crucial thing: everyone goes to the light no matter what. Everyone.

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