Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Oct 30, 2021

100 Ghost Stories Counting Down To Halloween 2021 #1

 2 Months Later

"Neil David molested Tabby when she was six years old. I cannot pretend to know how that affects someone into their adult years.

But Tabby has developed this need to sacrifice her body to achieve the means to win a case. It's become too dangerous, so I've sent Tabby to get help culturally and through legal means," Boy said.

"Like a therapist?" Ivan asked.

"Yes," Boy acknowledged Ivan's question." Like that."

"Whatever happened to this Neil David person?" Rita needed to know because although Boy was Tabby's father, Rita was the one who saw after Tabby like her own granddaughter.

"He was killed in prison," Boy began. "Tabby was the only one of his victims who got away. He'd already molested her by the time Hale (Ha-Leh) found them. If Hale hadn't walked in, Neil would have disemboweled and cannibalized Tabby like he did to all his other victims. Instead, as was his right as her father, he beat the hell out of Neil David and handed him over to the authorities. Somehow, after being killed in lock up, Neil David's spirit lived on after him. It possessed random people and made them do horrible things to little children," 

"Now, here we are dealing with another spirit of a serial killer," Rita shook her head. "From London no less." 

"You gotta love tourism," Tiny shook his head. 

"Keeping the vampires out of Hawai'i is one thing," Ivan snickered. "Spirits passing through TSA is an entirely different matter."

The intercom suddenly clicked on, and Kealoha's voice came over the speaker. "Boss, you need to come downstairs," he was severely shaken. Boy had never heard that tone in his trusted doorman's voice before. Something was wrong. The four of them rushed downstairs and quickly came to the front entrance, where they found Kealoha standing there with Tabby in his arms. She was severely beaten, and only the faintest hint of life seemed to pulse through her body. Boy grabbed Tabby and held on to her while his uncles and aunt wailed in grief and surprise. "Boss! I swear I kept an eye on her; she never left my sight! I just got to work, and this is how I found her!"

Tabby reached up, put her hand behind her father's neck, and pulled him closer. "Consider this a warning," the voice of an older English man spoke through Tabby. "If you don't learn your lesson now, I'll return your daughter to you in pieces." be continued in 2022 

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