Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Oct 17, 2021

100 Ghost Stories Counting Down To Halloween 2021 #14

 The human teeth bite marks were very pronounced.

The angry red indentations and the deep dark bruising made one physically wince when looking at it. There were several, along the arm and on the leg. The most brutal was the one on the little boy's cheek, just under the left eye. The parents reviewed the footage on the baby monitor, and it showed nothing. The toddler slept peacefully, but like clockwork, the bite marks manifested on particular spots on the boy's body the following day. It didn't seem to bother him as he went about his daily routine with no indication of any kind of pain or irritability. The bite marks indicated a perfect set of teeth which seemed strange since the patterns were smaller than toddler-sized. Toddlers don't yet have their complete set of teeth until a much later age. So then, who are the owners of these teeth?


Bitman construction arrived a year ago on 'O'ahu and was nefariously awarded a contract to dig up an ancient Hawaiian fishpond and then turn it into a landfill where a sprawling neighborhood of exclusive condos would be built in a gated community. New to the islands and utterly unaware of any cultural protocols, Tony Bitman had ancient fishing shrines torn down, along with anything that impeded the project's progress. Two days later, brand new equipment broke down, and men were getting injured on the job. Worse was that a particular shrine made of handset stones couldn't be knocked over or torn down. Tony ordered it dynamited, but even that didn't work. The following morning, Tony's little boy Anthony came down with angry bite marks. They first appeared on his back and then his neck. In less than a few days, more manifested on the little boy's neck and face. The Bitman's were Catholic, so finding a priest to come perform prayers over their son seemed to be the route to take. But nothing helped. The following week the boy stopped eating, and the week after that, he stopped going to the bathroom. At that point, the Bitman's were desperate. Through the recommendation of one of the foremen on the site, it was suggested that Tony contact a kahuna who could possibly aid the family in their time of need. Upon his arrival, the Kahuna was stern and spared no kindness. "What is the point of my help if you won't listen to what I tell you?" 

"We will pay anything you want," Tony insisted. "Just please help my son!"

"That's a large part of this problem," the Kahuna scoffed. "Money can't fix everything, and it's certainly not helping your son."

"What can we do?" Tony begged. "Please, tell us!"

"That ancient fishpond you're destroying isn't one for commoners or chiefs. It belongs to the Menehune, not you." 

"If you're telling me to stop the project, I can't! There's a whole lot of money riding on it, and too many people are invested!" Tony blustered. "All the money I make is for Anthony's future!"

"Then there's nothing I can do to help you," the Kahuna spoke in a fatherly tone. "Obviously, money is master. If you continue on this course, your son won't have a future to speak of. He is the one being made to suffer. Isn't it obvious to you that the Menehune are the ones are assaulting your son?"

"I don't believe in any of this Hawaiian mumbo jumbo," Tony shook his head.

"It doesn't matter what you believe," the Kahuna began. "It's happening whether you like it or not."

The old Hawaiian man let himself out of Tony Bitman's home and drove off in his 68 Chevy Impala, leaving a swirl of dust in his wake. Unfortunately, there is no happy ending to this tale. The advice of men from other denominations recommended the same direction, to stop destroying the Menehune fishpond. Unfortunately, it fell on deaf ears, and the assaults on little Tony continued. Eventually, Aidra, Tony's wife, tired of her husband's stubborn pride and privately flew to the island of Molokai to seek the counsel of the same Kahuna who left her old home. He offered a small ceremony and prayer, which eased the assaults on Anthony. "Your only choice," he told Aidra. "Is to move away from here. Otherwise, the biting will continue. This is not to chase you away; rather, it's for your son's sake."

"I understand," Aidra replied with tears streaming down her cheeks. She removed an envelope thick with money and gave it to the Kahuna, who refused it.

"It's not the money," the Kahuna pushed to envelope back. "Remember that."

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