Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Oct 31, 2021

6 Years, 600 Ghost Stories

Aloha family, friends, and fans,

Technically, I've written seven hundred and forty-four ghost stories in the past six years. With three technical years left, that would give us a thousand some odd ghost stories.

I'm glad that you've indulged my quirkiness and weirdness in using this blog as my literary canvas, where I could test out the material that bubbles up in my head. I mean, look at it? A full-screen play has resulted from some of the stories on this blog! Is that crazy or what? Two of my stories have already been made into short films called Charity, which won the 'Ike Loa award. The other premiering at the Hawaii International Film festival is my story, called Ka Ho'i (The Return). This year, we had a new addition to our ever-growing family, so most of our time has been spent watching over our grandbaby during the day. I apologize if this year's stories have not been more full-bodied and twisted as they usually are, but once our little one starts crying, we have to carry her and soothe her until we can get back to our work.

Such is the beauty and mystery of life. My goal is to reach one thousand ghost stories on this blog, after which I am not sure if I will stop or continue, but what a goal to strive for!  In our lives, time is not measured by twenty-twenty ones or twos, but more so by symbolic shores to reach. Or like building a boat and casting it out to sea, it's the journey that's amazing, and the achievement of the goal is pure bliss. So many collaborations happened this year, one with our screenplay and the other with Noah Laporga of the Haunted Plantation fame. It will be interesting to see what fun we will have! As always, our thanks and appreciation go out to all of you, our family, friends, and fans. We're here because of you, and we remind ourselves of that fact every single day. So many fun things are coming up in the next few months, so please stay tuned as we always want to include all of you as part of the ride. By the way, wasn't the story that my wife contributed to this year's 100 Ghost Stories so incredible? Hopefully, with some encouragement, she will write more and do more LIVE cooking!


Tanya & Lopaka

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