Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Oct 12, 2021

100 Ghost Stories Counting Down To Halloween 2021 #19

 In 1969 a six-year-old girl living in Nānākuli fell into a cesspool in her backyard and was not seen for several days.

The girl's parents, family, friends, neighbors, and the authorities participated when the search party was organized. The efforts proved fruitless. By the end of the second week, a firefighter suggested that the cesspool in the familyʻs back yard be pumped out. It never occurred to the parents that the cesspool is where they should have looked. Sure enough, when the truck came to pump out the waste, the little girl's body was found. This is where the story became strange. After the services for the little girl were held, the girl's parents disappeared suddenly. Their bodies, too, were later found in the cesspool. Everyone surmised that the guilt of their daughter's death weighed heavy on their hearts so much that they decided to follow their little one into death.

However, the next family that moved in suffered the same fate with the body of their infant son found drowned in the cesspool. The next occupant was a male nurse who had no children but did have a small terrier. He was found a month later, drowned in the cesspool. Not the terrier. The final occupant complained to the landlord about a Hawaiian woman standing in his back yard very late at night, playing a ukulele and singing near the cesspool. The following day, the landlord addressed his tenant's complaint and discovered that he was nowhere to be found. He hadn't moved out overnight because all of his belongings were still in the house. It's just that the tenant himself was gone, and he never came back. Word got around in the community, and no one ever rented that house again. Eventually, the landlord died, and the house stood empty for many years until it was finally demolished in 2016. No history of what that property might have been historically was ever found. There were no known stories of anything spiritual or otherworldly having to do with the cesspool and the deaths that followed after the six-year-old girl's body was found. What's sitting there now is a drive-thru. The logo is a red-haired girl with her hair tied in pigtails and freckles on her face. I wonder? I just have to wonder?

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