Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Aug 13, 2019

100 Ghost Stories Counting Down To Halloween 2019 #81


The Rizal brothers arrived directly from Kauai with two whole boxes of homemade Kulolo and five large jars of Pa'akai from Hanapepe. Kealoha brought up the rear with a bigger can of poi from Makaweli. After setting the items down on the table, the Rizals gave me a nod to let me know that the more critical thing from Kipu was downstairs in the trunk of the car.
I nodded in acknowledgment and gestured for them to sit and enjoy the meal. Kealoha kindly asked Aunty Rita if she needed any help with anything, and she intimated to him that she would let him know if she needed any assistance. As my parents taught me, a meal and its foods are symbolic of all our gods and our ancestors. Although departed, they are always invited to partake with the living. It's another way of cleansing and communing all at once. Considering the work that's done in this office, we need that every once in a while.



With everything cleaned up and put away upstairs, we convened to the parking lot downstairs, where Kealoha opened the trunk to my Imperial Crown. On the floor lay several layers of Makaloa mats with a large burlap bag on top. Kealoha donned his thick rawhide gloves while the ten of us held hands and prayed in Hawaiian. The number would have been eleven, but Lopaka chose to excuse himself. I understand, although he is considered a part of our family, his honor and respect for us prevent him from venturing into particular situations that he has not been adequately initiated to witness or have knowledge of. One cannot fault a man like that for upholding such principals.

The string came away quickly from the bag, and Kealoha rolled out the material until the item sat there in front of us. It was a circle-shaped box woven from 'Ie,' ie vines. Kealoha removed the cover and took out a foot high image of a Kalaipahoa god used for sending out curses. The human hair on top of it was still in excellent shape after all these centuries. The eyes made from the mother of pearl still held their mana, and the pocket-sized hole in the back of the image was absent of any residue from previous kinds of Maunu from before.

Looking at the Rizal brothers who were always steadfast in their resolve, I asked them, "Do you know where to take it?"

"Yes," Manny replied. "I have all of my welding equipment with me."

"I've got all the hydraulics," Jose reassured me.

"I'm the muscle," Oscar smiled while flexing his bicep.

"I'll be in the car monitoring everything through the hidden security cameras I placed around the property. We'll be on head mics, so I'll know what's happening even when I can't see them." Oscar opened his duffel bag so I could see his gadgets.

"Alright, soon as it's done, let me know so that we can do our part from here." The brothers nodded and got in the car and headed out.

"We'll continue with our appointments as usual; once we get the word, we'll close up and get to work." Everyone agreed, and we repaired upstairs. be continued

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