Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Aug 16, 2019

100 Ghost Stories Counting Down To Halloween 2019 #78


So that Jose could feel a bit more relaxed Boy suggested that they drive using Jose's Cadillac rather than the Imperial Crown. Kealoha drove the three Rizal brother's and Tabby in Boy's car and Tiny and Rita rode with Ivan.

"I have a hypothetical question for you," Boy asked from the back seat.

"Yes, boss," Jose replied bringing his Cadillac to the freeway on-ramp as it passed university.

"If someone were going to attempt to destroy the unity between yourself and your brothers, how might they undertake that task do you think?" Boy's question did not phase Jose at all. While under Boy's employ and tutelage, Jose came to expect that with Boy, everything was a test or a lesson.

"I believe that they would begin with Junior first since he's the youngest and the most impressionable. Most especially now since these are still his formative years, they would try to find a crack in his armor and exploit it." Jose possessed a full understanding of his brothers and their quirks.

"And the other brothers?" Boy asked curiously.

"It would be the same thing, exploit the weakness or the vice and use it to put a wedge between us" Jose nodded. "Really though, in order to completely destroy our unity, they would have to take out the common denominator."

"That being......?" Boy trailed off expecting Jose to jump in and continue.

"Me," Jose replied. "Cut off the head and the body is useless."

"I see," Boy replied. There was an awkward minute of silence and Jose began to get nervous.

"Is there something happening Boss?" Jose expressed concern now as he regarded his employer and teacher while looking at him in the rearview mirror.

"You'd see to it that something like that would never happen?" Boy's question gave Jose a sense of relief.

"Before our mother died, I promised her that I would never let anything happen to my brothers, even if it meant my own life," Jose spoke plain and honest, the only way he knew how. "We're speaking hypothetically of course?"

"Of course," Boy confirmed.

"Okay," Jose began to tear up. "Thank you, boss."

"Starting on the first Monday of next month, you'll sit with the five of us during our sessions. Your Hawaiian blood on your mother's side goes back to the Kaula on Kauai. That alone qualifies you to sit at my desk." Boy instructed. "This will be your time of learning, there won't be any distractions."

Jose was dumfounded and floored at the same time. He wiped his tears on the sleeve of his coat and did his best to not show any emotion. "Thank you, boss, I will do my best I promise."

"There will be a ceremony that will make the beginning of your journey official," Boy began. At that point, they had already arrived at the parking lot of Roy's in Hawaii Kai. Jose put his car in gear and went to open his door but Boy stopped him. "One more thing Jose."

"Oh yes boss, I'm sorry." Jose turned around so that he could look at his boss directly. "I'm listening."

Boy leaned forward because what he had to say needed to be said face to face. "Your romance with Tabby stops now, she's your common denominator. Do you understand me?"

Jose could only nod slightly. He was still in a state of shock.

"If you are there for the ceremony before the first Monday of next month, then I know you're serious. If you're not, then you and your brothers will go back to Kauai with no respite from me and no hard feelings. You can continue as you've always done." Boy rubbed his hand briskly on Jose's shoulders and then let himself out of the Cadillac. Jose sat there and let out a tense breath before finally joining everyone in the restaurant. He sat across the table from Tabby who eyed him closely and smiled. Before then, her smile gave him validation and hope, now it was like a knife plunged into his heart. He looked at Boy who sat at the head of the table and raised his wine glass and delivered a toast.

"To the perpetuation of this 'ohana, long will it live!"

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