Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Aug 15, 2019

100 Ghost Stories Counting Down To Halloween 2019 #79


Jose and Manny fashioned the wrought iron dome combining both their welding and hydraulics skills. Oscar was the muscle who carried the pieces in. In the Cadillac parked just across the street from the old abandoned Makiki house is where Junior sat and tested the security cameras on three of his laptops.

"Guys give me a mic check," Junior asked while punching in the components for a few of the moving cameras.

"Penis," Oscar chimed in. "Junior's small penis."

"Funny," Junior deadpanned.

"Testing, testing. Junior's micro small penis, testing," Manny clicked in using his announcer's voice.

"Knock it off," Jose ordered. "What if the boss was listening?"

"Yeah," Junior joined in. "You guys are so embarrassing."

"Junior's right," Jose agreed. "Do you know how embarrassing it would be if the boss knew about Junior's little penis?"

A long stream of static came in over the head microphones and Boy's voice manifested as clear as day, "Gentleman, time is of the essence. You can indulge in levity after the task is completed, for now, please focus."

"Yes, boss," the brothers' voices chimed in like a chorus.

Jose reached over and slapped Manny on the back of his head. "Give that to Oscar when you see him."


The abandoned Makiki house on Liholiho street was the scene of a horrible massacre where Marta Campos murdered her husband and her three children. When the authorities came to arrest her she insisted that she'd been possessed by an angry Hawaiian god who caused her to commit the murders. The authorities paid her no mind and as they stepped forward to handcuff her she ran into the kitchen and ingested a box of rat poison. It was too late, she'd already gulped down most of its contents. Death was unavoidable. It was rumored thereafter that Marta's ghost not only haunted the old house but her ghost was known to physically attack people who came anywhere near the property.


Jose carried the Kalaipahoa image in a clean white towel where it would be placed on a pedestal in the middle of the floor. Once it was there, the towel was removed and Jose left through a small door in the dome. He closed it behind him and picked up the makeshift switch from the floor and pressed on it. The switch itself was attached to a hydraulic hose which in turn was attached to several other hoses which lay within the hollow dowels of wrought iron. There was a loud hiss like a locomotive and all the spaces of the wrought iron dome came to a blinding snap. The sound of the heavy metal bars closing shut on one another is a deafening sound. It even made Jose jump  "Boss if you're online, we're ready. The dome has been properly cleansed."

"Understood," Boy replied. "Please repair to your car and wait for further instruction."


The iron dome sat in the middle of the large empty basement of the old abandoned house. It looked like a smaller version of a yurt but it was made to accommodate only one person. The hour was eight in the evening when the ghost of the murderous woman manifested in the dome. She appeared lost and unsure of her surroundings.

"Hello, Marta," Boy's voice rang through the sound system so clearly that it caused the ghost to spin around.

"Boy? Are" The woman's ghost darted about searching for the source of the voice.

"I'm speaking to you remotely," Boy replied.

"Remotely?" Marta queried. "Does that're not here?"

Boy ignored the question and continued. "Did you notice this dome of protection around you?'

"Protection?" Marta's eyebrows raised. "For me?"

"From you," Boy countered. Marta's ghost was a clear image which Boy, Ivan, Tiny, Aunty Rita, Tabby, and Kealoha could see on his office computer.

"Boy," Marta giggled to herself. "You've always been just out of my reach. Whenever I am sure that I'm going to finally get my hands around your throat, you manage to step away unharmed. Your parents trained you well."

"Marta," Boy began. "You've been so focused on harming me that you've completely ignored the item sitting right in front of you."

Marta looked down in front of her and saw the Kalaipahoa image on the pedestal. She stumbled back several steps until she crashed into the wall of the wrought iron dome. Immediately, her otherworldly flesh began to burn. Her face was twisted in horrific pain and she did her best to not scream, she couldn't let Boy win the day. "You can't live forever Boy.... I may not kill you in this life but I'll make sure I get to your issue! Until then, I'll kill more! I'll kill as many as I can!"

With a gesture of two fingers held together, Boy swept them in air and Marta's ghost became as a translucent shadow that was sucked into the Kalaipahoa image.


"The contractors I hired are going to level the house and fill the basement with concrete. That should fix the problem for now." Boy said as he hung up the office phone. "Thank you every one of you for your part in this. It was a great help. That's it for today, let's head out to dinner, my treat."

Everyone offered their thanks and began to make their way out of the office. Boy delayed himself a second. The Rizal brothers held the door open for everyone before they made their way out.

"Jose ?" Boy waved the oldest brother toward him.

"Yes, boss?" Jose replied as he stepped back into the office.

"Drive me to the restaurant, please? Kealoha and Tabby can ride with your brothers." Boy instructed.

"Okay boss. I'm not in trouble am I?" Jose's face winced as he waited for the answer.

"No," Boy smiled. "But we do have a few things to discuss."

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