Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Aug 26, 2019

100 Ghost Stories Counting Down To Halloween 2019 #68


I haven't got much life left in my phone battery so I'll make this as quick and as comprehensible as possible. Fifteen minutes ago this plane was illuminated by a light.....and it still is....that is so bright it looks like daylight. Sort of impossible because it's approximately 8:10 pm.
As best as I can tell, there is a massive craft of some kind that is hovering just below our atmosphere. Believe me, when I say it's massive, everyone on the place can look out the window on either side and see the craft or UFo or whatever it is. That's where this light is coming from......everyone on the plane is scared, myself included. Anyway, we're flying right off of Miami. Makes me think about those weekends in Daytona and Pensacola........while I've been talking in the last few seconds the plane has been filled with a deep humming sound. Not sure if you can hear it on this recording but it's starting to make everyone feel uneasy.

The pilot just informed us that he's lost complete control over the plane, it's starting to climb. Not at an angel but horizontally. It feels like............I think we're being pulled up by the craft or the UFO.
If anything happens our position as of right now is at 25 degrees 25'32' North and 79 degrees 32'04 West. I hope that's correct? If that doesn't help I can see the lights of Miami as we were approaching and off in the distance behind it would be Fort Lauderdale. The position I gave you is exactly where we were at before this plane began to lift skyward........hun, I know you're at work and there's no cell service in the vault. Please show this part to the kids when they get home from school okay? There's no way to prepare them, I know.

Marvin? You're the oldest so I need you to help your mom out with your brothers and sisters okay? Don't give her a hard time, she's gonna need you. I'm so proud of you son and I know we don't see eye to eye and that's because we're exactly the same person. That's how come I know you'll be able to take care of things. The Mustang is yours now, don't let it get away from you.....I see you Marvin, and I love you.

Bo? Go into my third drawer in my nightstand next to my bed, there are two wristwatches in there that were meant for you and Marvin to have for Christmas. Your names are engraved on it, you give Marvin the one that belongs to him and you take yours. Don't worry about your test for your purple belt, you'll do good. I love you, son. Don't forget your ninja vitamins in the morning. 21.5195 degrees North and 158. 2287 degrees West! It's west babe, not east. It's been west the whole time. If I live through this I'll find a way to get back to you. Remember its west.

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