Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Aug 20, 2019

100 Ghost Stories Counting Down To Halloween 2019 #74


June 20, 1982


You'll be glad to know that I've finally saved enough money from my two jobs that I could move out from Aniani place. I'm living on Liholiho Street in town. The parking lot is downstairs and you have to walk up to get to my apartment. It's like I live on the second floor. There are banana and ti leaf plants all around the building with a few red ginger plants here and there. After bills, I always have enough to eat out or to go see a movie. I'm glad I work during the day because in the evenings I meet some of my old classmates to dance the night away in the Waikiki clubs. Everyone tells me that my parents are sad that I moved out but by the way they act in person......I strongly doubt it. I feel bad in but not enough to move back. I'm writing because I want to know if you personally know of anyone who could come and bless my apartment? In the dead of night, I'll hear the records playing on the phonograph from the living room. It's an old song and the words go this way.

'On a little street in Singapore, we'd meet beside a lotus covered door.
A veil of moonlight on her lovely face, how pale the hands that held me
in embrace....'

It's an odd melodic song and I've never heard it before because I don't have it in my record collection. You know my collection, it's a mix of everything but not a song like that. Every night I leave my bedroom to see who broke in through my lanai door and invaded my privacy by playing that kind of music. The living room is always empty and quiet and the phonograph is off. I place my hands on the sides of it to feel if it was recently playing but it's cold. This has gone on for several nights now so I think it's a ghost. Let me know of someone that you can think of?




June 28, 1982


I figured you don't have a phone cause you haven't given me your number and your return address is a P.O Box. I figured you get your mail from the post office down the street. I have my uncle who can go and bless your place but you have to let me know where the heck it is?




Larson finally received a letter from Allan with a phone number and an address. The address was correct. Larson parked in front of the humble building and took a walk up to Liholiho and Wilder where he found a payphone and gave Allan a call. A woman answered and Larson asked if he could speak to Allan? The woman replied there wasn't an Allan that lived there. The woman on the phone identified herself as Aragon Sheila. Larson apologized and hung up. Walking back down Liholiho street, Larson got to his car and lo and behold, there was Allan coming down the stairs of his apartment. Larson recalls that Allan was dressed in his favorite pair of slacks and aloha shirt. His shoes were also his favorite ones he wore to prom in high school. The only strange thing is that Allan wore women's makeup on his face. Eyebrows, eyelashes, eyeliner, foundation, and lip gloss shining over a mess of caked-on lipstick. His fingernails were blood-red press on, a stark contrast to Allan's dark skin.

"Allan?" Larson called out, a bit unsure.

Allan stopped and regarded Larson with a smile. "Are you the gentleman that called earlier? I'm Aragon Shiela," he said as he extended his hand. Larson took it and gave a tentative greeting.

" Allan is this........what are you doing?" Larson could feel his facial expression of confusion and concern.

"Allan is in here somewhere, I let him out from time to time. My god, it's so tough being a murdered ghost in that old apartment of mine! I just HAD to get out and get some air!" Allan smiled but spoke in the female voice that Larson heard over the phone earlier. "Coming?"

" go on," Larson was still trying to take in what he saw in front of him. Did Allan's guilt finally get the best of him? Larson would find out later on that the previous tenant was a Torch singer at the old Glade's nightclub who was murdered in the same apartment where Allan lived. The murderer was a married man who became insanely jealous when he found out that Aragon Sheila had been seeing someone else. He climbed in through the lanai door and waited until Aragon Sheila came home, and killed her in the living room.

Allan walked away as if he were floating on air, and to himself, Larson could hear Allan singing a tune,

'On a little street in Singapore, we'd meet beside a lotus covered door.
A veil of moonlight on her lovely face, how pale the hands that held me
in embrace....'


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