Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Aug 30, 2019

100 Ghost Stories Counting Down To Halloween 2019 #64


It was one of those all-night parties at a large home in Manoa, filled to the walls and perhaps even the rafters by college-aged kids who were drinking and smoking their way into wild abandon. The police were called several times by anal-retentive neighbors whose lives were so drab and uneventful that they felt everyone else should suffer the same.

The party quieted down to the looming vibrations of sitar music. Everyone sat where ever their bodies could fit and indulged one another in meaningless conversations that were the result of powerful alcohol and even more powerful drugs. By the classic hour of the rat, people paired off and wandered away to some private area where lovemaking would be had until the dim light of dawn would peak over Wa'ahila ridge. One young man awoke earlier than most and while considering his situation, he sitting among a large room full of sleeping half-naked bodies, he decided that it was prudent to take his leave and return to his own apartment less than a mile away. Turning to the young lady asleep next to him, he gave her a kiss on the cheek and a text on her phone.

'My number, if you want to hang out. It's casual.'

Considering the circumstances, he did not expect any reciprocation. Leaving the main room of the house was not difficult, neither was navigating the long flight of stairs through the property. It was having to pass through the open space beneath the house which stopped him dead in his tracks. There was a couple making love in a hammock. One would have to possess quite the athletic prowess to manage such a thing but upon closer inspection, he realized that what he saw was not a hammock, but a kind of webbed cocoon. What he thought was a young woman on top of her male counterpart was indeed that, but she was not all woman. Her body was pristine in its natural state, nude and glistening with sweat. Her head, however, was that of a spider. As she consumed the young man in whichever fashion was suitable to her appetite, it must have caused the rest of her spider-like features to follow suit. Literally, she was sucking the life out of the poor, unfortunate party-goer.

"It's the deal we made," the deep groggy voice came from behind the young man who jumped and screamed. He turned to see his English professor standing behind him.

"What the fuck...," The young man backed away so quickly that he nearly tripped over himself.

Gesturing over to the creature who was still indulging in her meal, the professor continued, "I met her in Indonesia. I was just like that guy, didn't know who she was until the situation was dire. She took mercy on me though and we made a deal, I throw a party once a month, she gets to eat, and I get to live a life filled with riches and pleasure."

The young man said nothing and hurried off to his car but not without the professor calling out a word of caution. "Shane, you don't have to have a life filled with riches and pleasure, but you're my student and I do have all of your info. You savvy?"

Shane turns and eyed his English professor with a look of disgust, "Savvy."

"Good man," the English professor smiled. "See you on Monday."

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