Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Dec 20, 2022

Halāwai 2022 Part 2

 ....continued from yesterday

James Pilar sat in front of Boy's large Koa wood desk, with Benny Correia next to him.

Around Boy sat his uncles Ivan and Tiny, his aunt Rita, and Tabby. The Rizal brothers positioned themselves at all four corners of the office. Outside the office in the foyer, Kealoha waited with Tammy Fukada and her parents. The official part of the meeting had not started, yet James affected the attitude that whatever the discussion was about was a complete waste of his time. 

"I hope this is about me getting a promotion," James shook his head. "Otherwise, I going to the union to make a report."

Two of Benny's own men who sat behind him became visibly irritable. One of them leaned forward and slapped James on the back of his head. "The union boss is sitting right next to you! Show some respect!"

"Alright, gentleman," Boy intervened. "That's not what we're here for. James, I'm the one who asked your boss to bring you here so that we could discuss a private matter, like men,"

"I don't see any men here," James snickered. "I see a bunch of old men and four punks hugging the corners, one old lady back there, and a fine hunny, but no men,"

Boy put his hand up, stopping anyone in the room from reacting. It is evident to Boy that James liked getting a rise out of people. He was also blatant because he probably carried a gun, but James was also rash and stupid. Unfortunately, his parents didn't realize what kind of monster they had raised until it was too late to do anything. James' father got him a job with the union, hoping it would straighten him out, but it only worsened as James ran into the wrong element among a union of good men. "James, Tammy Fukuda is your girlfriend, isn't she?"

"Yeah, so?" James replied.

"Her folks tell me that you beat her up all the time. Is that true?" Boy asked.

"Eh! Who the fuck are you to get in my business, hah?" James shot up out of his chair and went for Boy. With blinding speed, the Rizal brothers had him on the floor, each with a knife inserted into a vital part of James' body that would bleed him out in no time.

 The Boy came around the desk and stood over James, giving him a very serious look. "From this moment on, James, anything you do to Tammy will be done to you. And I mean anything. I know you think I'm an idiot, but you won't think me so stupid when you get what you put out,"

The Rizals let James up with the tips of their knives still inserted into his vital areas. Tabby got in his face, "You disrespected my family, and you made yourself look like an idiot in front of your boss. If not for my father, you'd get more than just the tip,"

"Fuck you," James whispered under his breath.

Feigning a gasp, Tabby lightly slapped James on his cheek, "We do not swear in this office! No manners!" Stepping closer to him, she whispered, "You don't know how seriously fucked you are."

"You can go," Boy said. The Rizals let up, and Tabby went back to her seat. Benny and his men apologized for James' behavior. Sensing that the young man was about to say something foolish, Benny grabbed him by the arm and warned him to not push his luck. James left the office in a huff, ignoring Tammy and her parents. Boy and the rest of the office came out after, apologizing to Tammy and her mother and father. Benny assured Tammy that she had nothing to worry about.

"Benny?" Boy called the union boss over. "Don't retaliate on James; he'll do himself in; take my word for it."

"That was hard to take," Benny replied. "Especially in front of your uncle and your aunt, I never talked back to my parents like that; I wouldn't dream of it,"

"It's alright," Boy assured Benny. "You'll see,"


Tammy was staying with her parents. The three of them got home later that afternoon, and everything was nice and quiet. They had an enjoyable dinner and watched their favorite show on tv. After taking a shower, Tammy went to her room to wind down and relax until she fell asleep. The hand over her mouth surprised her, and it wasn't until she felt the weight on her body did she realize it was James. He began removing her clothes while she protested the whole time. When she protested, he punched her in the kidneys and hissed at her to be quiet. Then, taking his own clothes off, he was erect and prepared to enter her when something really hard hit him in the kidneys. It took the breath out of James, causing him to roll off the bed and land with a thud on the floor. Through the haze of pain, James saw Tammy put her clothes back on and leave the room. When the pain was over and he returned to his senses, he saw Tabby and the Rizal brothers standing over him, each of them holding a cattle prod.

"Anything you do to Tammy will be done to you." Tabby reiterated her father's words to James. "I told you, you don't know how seriously fucked you are, but you will."


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