Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Dec 13, 2022

Hey Now 2022

Here's another haunted house story.

The property is in Kalihi. Unobtrusive, non-descript. It's one of those houses in a neighborhood that you walk past, or drive by without noticing, unless you're looking for it. It doesn't make sense because it's a charming house. It's a nice green color, a four-bedroom with a large living room, an attached patio with a huge yard, an even more giant mango tree in the back, and an oversized garage that could fit four cars and still have room for complete gym equipment. So how could one not notice it? But you see, that's the key to why the house is so haunted. Whatever it is that's got a hold of that property has the power to make people not notice it so that even if the family calls for an exorcist or what have you, that person will have such difficulty finding the place that they'll give up and leave. This was the case when they called me. Luckily, the house's reputation preceded it through specific contacts of mine. So, when the family's father called me, I asked if he would mind waiting outside so I would know where to find the place. I told him I had difficulty seeing things at a distance. I also asked that he not give me any information about what was happening in the house and that I'd figure it out when I got there. Wouldn't you know it?

Even though I had the GPS and Google Maps on my iPad, I needed help finding the place. I called John, the man who owned the house, and asked him to stand in the middle of the road, and he did. I parked on the street, and he waited for me. He turned to lead me to his home, but it was gone. In its place was an empty lot. Well, what the hell? It's all true, right in front of my eyes. I calmly told him that we should proceed forward to prevent John from losing his mind. He was hesitant, but the second we crossed the sidewalk, his house reappeared like it never left. 

"What the holy fuck?" John gasped.

"It is my strong recommendation that you move out of this house. If whatever it is that's in your house is powerful enough to remove it from human sight, who knows what else it could do?" I said. "Are you renting this place, or do you own it?"

"Renting," he replied. 

"Well, then fuck it," I chuckled. "If not for your sake but your family's sake, kick rocks and get out."

"All this time, I thought people just wanted to take our money and not help; now I know why," John said

" I'm not about the money, John," I told him. "I'm pretty sure that even the landlord doesn't know what's on the land; otherwise, he would have told you from the get-go,"

After that, I was always curious to know if John followed my advice and got out. Finally, I got my answer a year later. I was just coming back from a house blessing in Kāneʻohe and coming down Likelike and decided to turn off the freeway and have a look-see. There it was, plain as day. Not hidden, not out of sight, just right there, just part of the scenery. It was empty. John and his family made it out, I guess. Driving away, I did miss one thing, which I believe a lot of other people missed. I think the powers that be on that property, whatever it is, get to decide who lives there and who does not. You see, the place is listed as being for sale. But I did not see a for sale sign anywhere. However, if you check the listing online, it is right there, big as day. 

For Sale.

The house decides.

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