Ghosts Next Door

Ghosts Next Door
by Lopaka Kapanui

Dec 28, 2022

Shadowy Figure 2022

 ...continued from yesterday

Boy consulted his friend Serah Wong, the medical examiner who always arranged exceptional circumstances for him regarding things he needed to be done where dead bodies were concerned. 

Today was no different, except this time, it required his clinical death by Euthanasia. Boy and Serah were acquainted for many years, and she was indebted to him for saving her father from a protection racket, so whenever she helped him, she never asked any questions. This was the first time Boy explained what he needed her to do.

"You WANT to die?" She was beside herself.

"I don't WANT to," Boy replied. "I HAVE to,"

"Of everything you've asked of me, I've never refused, but this? Taking your life?" It was the first time Boy had seen Serah upset. He felt horrible.

"This is the truth of the matter; I need to die so that my spirit can stop another spirit from harming my family. We thought we got rid of it several times before, but it keeps resurfacing. That time my daughter lay dead in this morgue? It was because of that particular spirit, and now it's back," Serah was overwhelmed. It was obvious. "I know it's a lot to take in, but it's the truth. You're the only person that can help us, please," Boy said.

"Is that all I need to do?" Serah asked; she was serious now because she fully understood the circumstances. "If I were to do it?"

"We need you there through the whole thing from beginning to end. After my spirit leaves my body, I'm going to the underworld to find this other spirit and bring it back. My uncles, aunt, and Tabby are going to do a ceremony at the point that will return my spirit back into my body along with the other spirit, which they will trap in a gourd," Boy explained. "Can you do it?"

It took a couple of seconds before Serah replied, but finally, she asked, "How long is all of this going to take? I mean, if I decide to help you?"

"Sixty days and sixty nights," Boy replied.

The explanation and reason why Boy wanted death by Euthanasia was utterly insane. The length of time it would take was preposterous. She couldn't shut down the facilities for one person and his crazy claims about a spirit harming his family. But this was Boy Napualawa, who, each time he helped Serah, never once asked for anything in return. However, whenever Serah helped him, there was always a nice envelope of money for her. Whether it was madness or not, there was always one constant about Boy: he was honest, had a consistent character, and was honorable. 

"Alright," Serah said. "I've got some long overdue vacation time coming up that I have never taken; maybe that could help? Can I ask where we would do this because we can't do it here at the morgue?"

"My office," Boy answered. "It's the safest place,"


Less than a week later, Boy lay on the leather couch in his office, hooked up to all the cords and monitors. The high volume of pentobarbital was administered, and Boy's body died in due time. Although everyone stood by with all the needed items, prayers, and protocol for the kupaku ceremony, it was challenging to withhold their grief. Finally, Boy's spirit left his body and encountered the first strata of his ʻaumakua waiting for him at Kaʻuluoleilono. There, they escorted him to the realm of his ancestors, where he did not expect to be taken, yet there he was. People were milling around, walking about, having delightful conversations as if the death of their corporeal selves was not important. Unfortunately, there appeared to be too many of them, which was difficult to navigate. All the while, Boy tried explaining to his ʻaumakua that this was not the realm he had intended to go to. 

"This I know," the ʻaumakua said to his descendant. "Yet, there is one here to whom you must speak before you embark on your intended journey," The ʻaumakua stood aside and extended his arm, pointing to someone who sat on a rock under a dim light. "There, speak with that person; then you clearly know your purpose,"

Boy approached the figure who sat with the elbows resting on the thighs, the hands clasped, and the head down as if in deep thought. "Aloha," Boy said as he approached.

"Aloha," the shadow-covered figure returned the salutation and stood up to greet him. Coming out of the dark, Boy was stunned to see who stood before him.


"Aloha, my son," Victoria stepped forward with her arms extended. "I've missed you," be continued

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